May 072012

I really love sewing down binding by hand, but my current hand-sewing supplies bag is pretty disorganized, and I have to rummage around for things that are floating around separately in there. So instead of working on Mothers’ Day presents (which are obviously due soon) or a baby quilt (that I need to get done by July), I made myself a binding sewing kit.

I made the small size of Michelle’s zip pocket pouch, and it’s just right for holding only the things I need for binding sewing.

There are chairs on the inside because of Daddy bear, Mummy bear, and Baby bear… geddit? har har.

I added a piece of felt for needles and a loop of twill tape on each side of the slip pocket. Then I twisted small rubberbands through the twill loops to hold my new thread snips (I’m so excited about these) and a bobbin of thread.

I was sad when I realized that I should have cut the zipper pocket piece the other way around since the bears are all upside-down, but then I insisted to myself that when I take my binding clips (dollar store hair clips) and thimble out, I’ll have my sewing kit this way so that the bear family will be right-side-up. Retconned!

The adorable grandma lady who taught the sashiko class I attended told us that if you use wool felt for your needles, they won’t rust. Is that really true? Anyhoo, I’m linking to Clover and Violet’s Summertime Adventures Sewing Kit party. I really want to finish a quilt just so I can use my new sewing kit! :>

  3 Responses to “Sewing Kit: Bindtastic Edition”

  1. I love this! Totally adorable and useful! The goldilocks fabric is fab!

  2. Lol, nutter! Good plan though…

  3. What a great way to organize your binding tools! I feel the need to make one, too- I’m always hunting and pecking for needles and clips when it comes time to hand-sew the binding.

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