May 042012

I’m seriously addicted to buying Michelle (née Keyka Lou) patterns. I think I have around ten of them, but I’ve only sewn up half. In an effort to justify the patterns I’ve bought, I have sort of a half-baked intention to go through and sew at least one version of the ones I haven’t yet. (… and then it’ll be okay for me to buy more patterns! Muhahaha!)

Last week I made a zip pocket pouch out of my last little bit of this ladybug fabric (I might have enough left to make something tiny). It makes me happy!

I was such a dork — when I first read people gushing about this pattern, I didn’t totally get it. The whole thing looked adorable, but I didn’t think the flaps served any purpose other than being cute and adding bulk. I didn’t understand that the zip pocket makes a slip pocket behind it! So cool!

Cosmo grabbed it and stuffed cars into the slip pocket part as soon as he saw it. 😀

Edit: I’m linking to Kati’s May Slash the Stash party. Yay, stash!

  5 Responses to “Justifying my purchases”

  1. Err, yes, interesting buying theory 😉 Cute though

  2. I hear you..I have bought so many patterns from Michelle @ KeyKa Lou patterns but have only tried a few…I loved how detailed the instructions are. The pouch you made is so adorable. You’ve just inspired me to try out this pattern, Thanks!. 🙂

  3. I love it! Seriously adorable.

  4. I don’t know that link to Padded Camera posted! What a cool feature, even if it was unintentional! Haha.

  5. Love the ladybugs! Such a cute pouch. I need to get some of her patterns. Although, I just bought the pouch pattern by Oh Fransson–same problem–I can’t let myself buy more patterns until I make at least one of those. Thanks for linking up!!

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