Jul 092011

I made this queen size Log Cabin quilt from Emily Cier’s Quilt Remix for my sister’s (laaaate) birthday present. I gave it to her when she came to visit in May, and she managed to cram it into a large flat rate box to ship it home. O_o I wish I’d taken a picture of the pile of my dad’s guitar books that she used to smash it flat!
log cabin quilt
It’s good to learn something from every quilt, and this quilt taught me that when I’m piecing long strips, I’d better not be lazy and skip pinning things. I quilted around each square, and boy, it was terrible! The rounds were so wavy that I had a pleat every couple of rounds, and that was even after I tried rolling up three quarters of the quilt so I could do a square in the opposite direction.

This was also the first time I tried basting with pins (as opposed to spray basting), and I’m not sure if I pinned it enough. Hm. Do I still get to level up to Adventurous Beginner Quilter since I have a queen-sized one under my belt?

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