Apr 092012

It’s another bagstravaganza!

I was taken by surprise last year at kiddie second Christmas Easter when all the grown-ups brought piles of goodies for the kids, and I was determined to be a good adult this year and have treats for my younger cousins. But I was also feeling a little poor, so I made bags that I hoped would be cute enough to distract from the fact that they were also a mite small. I could only fit a box of sidewalk chalk, a large box of Nerds, and a couple of little packets of SweetTarts in each… whoopsie!

These are all based on another wonderful Pink Penguin tutorial, except I made the bags all different heights and the bag handles longer. Cosmo’s was the smallest, and I accidentally only remembered to get him one Easter yummy, so I made him a love bird.

I used satin for the back and put little paper hearts in the pocket that said, “Mommy loves you,” “Daddy loves you,” and “Sunshine loves you.” He carried his chickie throughout the weekend, rubbing it against his cheek and taking the hearts out and “reading” them. It made me happy!

Oh, and here are some gratuitous shots of some bag interiors; since I wasn’t super chintzy and used nice fabric this time (sometimes when I make the kids bags, I just use osnaburg inside since I figure they won’t care), heh.

Oh, but back to the cousins’ Easter stuff — two of my younger cousins are too old to want toys and things, so I folded them little $10 baskets and put two little chocolate eggs in, which I forgot to take a picture of, but were awfully cute, if I do say so myself. And I’m sure they appreciated the money more than they would have little fabric bags, hah!

Edit: I’m linking to Amy’s Creative Side’s One Thing One Week Challenge and Keyka Lou’s weekly goal. This, along with

basted Made in Cherry quilt

… completes my challenge. Rawr! 🙂

Amy's Creative Side

  8 Responses to “In which I am a Cheapie McCheaperson”

  1. Those are so cute! And I love how you stamped their names on the bags, too. I definitely need to get some of those stamps. So fun!

  2. I love the bags…you are quite the bagmaster! And the love bird…how adorable. And don’t you just love it when someone latches onto something that you made and treats it like something special?

  3. They look great, and love the wee chick

  4. Haha! The bird is so so so cute! No wonder he loves it so much! Well done.

  5. Lovely fabric choice both inside and out and genius little ‘sunshine’ chick idea that was well received.

  6. These bags are so adorable, but I think I’m most in love with the love bird 🙂

  7. The bags are great! The love notes in Cosmo’s lovebird (awesome idea, btw) are especially sweet!

  8. Oh Alli, those fabric baskets are so cute! And the love bird with sweet messages in his pocket is just killing me with its cute overload!!! Love the way you stamped the names of children! Your bags are so cute I bet your older cousins would’ve appreciated them too!!

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