Apr 012012

Bee blocks at the last minute!

Gimmeh cat for Piece Bee — I’m afraid it doesn’t really look like what Jacqueline was expecting when she asked for a cat block, but hopefully it makes her laugh!

Lemons and Limes from Modern Blocks for Sew Bee Joyful:

Front and Center from Modern Blocks — I ran my rotary cutter smack into my finger when I was squaring up the HSTs! >_<

Siggy block to go along with the flying geese block for February:

… and dunzors!

  9 Responses to “Bzzzzzz!”

  1. Yay on the blocks, yowie on the finger! I seem to have inadvertently taken a chunk out of one of my fingers last night too, though god only knows how!

  2. Love the cat!

  3. All of these are beautiful, Alli! My favorite is the cat though lol! I love that you stitched around it so the cat looks like shaking!

  4. I have my own “gimmeh” cat right here helping me type this comment. 😉 I love all of your blocks (the colors are so beautiful), but that little guy is just awesome!

  5. I love that cat, so full of character!

  6. Love that cat! Jacqueline’s quilt will be awesome. I hate rotary cutter injuries!

  7. Your cat is super cute. I love it.

    We are going to feature your project as part of our Weekly Goal post on Thursday!


  8. wow and wow that cat block is something else, it’s fantastic!!


  9. I know th pain of rotary cutter injuries!!! and the gimmeh cat is awesome!

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