Mar 122012

… And I have yet more bento bags from the fantabulous Pink Penguin pattern! My aunty asked me to make these for her friend, along with a grocery bag that I have yet to make.

Since I made these at the same time, I was having fun chain-piecing along… until right at the end when I realized that I had put the covers on the wrong bags. Whoops! I’d meant to use the yellow flower fabric on top of the deer bag. I think the red bag looks better than it would have if I’d used the green cover (I’m not so good at combining fabric on my own!), but now the green one looks just a little bit funny with all the different greens going on. Heh!

In other news, this morning I got an email that I won a sponsor ad spot on somebody’s blog! (I’d entered a giveaway where there were a bunch of different prizes.) It’s too bad I haven’t gotten around to opening B.Yazoo’s Napping Service: We Sleep For You So You Can Get Back To Sewing Faster. :>

  3 Responses to “I keep buying new patterns, but my favorite one is free”

  1. Cute bags! I think you are pretty great at combining fabrics on your own. And I was seriously just thinking this morning about all you crazy people who stay up all night and sew and how if I did that I would need someone to sleep for me. Now I know who to call!

  2. Och, sure, your aunt and her pal won’t know what fabrics were meant to be where 😉

    Love your sponsor idea… 😀

  3. Again with the winning! I’m telling you, you’re the luckiest person I know.

    Loving those bags, and I think your whoops turned out fine. Both bags look great as they are!

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