Mar 022012

I did manage to get most of the favors made for Sunshine’s dim sum party, one set of which were hexie pencil cases for the kiddos.

These came out a lot larger than I had expected (again, even though the pattern clearly says how big they’ll be 😀 ) — they could probably fit two boxes of colored pencils! I was too lazy to iron them into submission, and I also didn’t hand-sew some parts like the pattern recommends. I think I was supposed to leave the two hexagon sides that have zippers unsewn, turn the pencil case right side out, and then blind stitch the hexagons to the zipper panel, but instead I just went zip! over all four layers with my sewing machine, and it turned out well enough for me. Besides, they were for kids, so it’s better to be sturdy, right? :>

I was totally stoked that I scored those Heather Ross fabrics when Little Miss Shabby was doing a big destash — recently, my niece has been catching tadpoles, raising them to be teeny frogs, and then letting them go. She almost always has one or two in a little tank outside, so I wanted to make her something with tadpoles. 🙂

  4 Responses to “Hexiecases galore (or four)!”

  1. Oh, those are so fun! Great fabric choices!

  2. so cute!! i wish i had some of that heather ross.

  3. Aww, cool, glad you got all your favours made. Were there any leftovers, or were they all snapped up?

  4. Amazing job on the hexiecases! The fabrics you chose are awesome.

    I’ve had that pattern bookmarked for a while but have been intimidated to try it. You’ve just inspired me to give it a go 🙂

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