Feb 072012

I finished the seven grocery bags for Sunshine’s dim sum party, and it felt like they took foreeeeever! I think they took me about eight hours total, but it was spread out over three days, which made me feel like a sewing snail. :>

(This is my artsy shot, hehe.)

I’m excited to give these as favors, but while I was making them, I kept thinking that I’d be a terrible craft seller! I mean, they took me ages to make, and then I’d be able to charge, what, ten dollars? Which is basically the price of the fabric. Hah!

This apple one is my favorite. I love the aqua hatchy print inside! I rarely rebuy fabric since there’s always new, cute stuff, but I’ve bought this one three times. BUT! I finished sewing the whole bag, shook it out to look at it, and then realized that I’d sewn in one of the handles all twisted! Boo! (I fixed it, but after I took the picture. Can you see the twisted handle?)

I let my mom choose which bag she’d get, and she chose the pezzy print one. I wonder if it was chooser’s bias — one of the first bags I made for her was out of a fat quarter of red pezzy print.

When my mom saw the blue checked bag, she said, “oh, a conservative one.” Good, that’s what I was going for! Just in case someone didn’t like my more colorful ones. 🙂

  5 Responses to “This is why I’m not cut out to have a craft booth :D”

  1. Your titles crack me up! The bags look awesome and I’m sure will be appreciated by the guests. Have fun at the party!

  2. I love the bags! I know what you mean about how long it sometimes takes to do things. When I see some things on Etsy and figure how long it would take for me to make both it and a profit, well, it just gets ridiculous. I better keep my day job!

  3. Oh, oh, oh, can I come and can I get the Frog Prince one, can I? Can I? Can I? 😀

  4. These came out so fun! You’re right, there always has to be a conservative one, so it’s good to plan ahead lol! I especially love the apple and pear fabric with the crosshatch, it’s fab!

  5. Oh gosh… love them all. Esp. the Prince Charming one. The city where I live has just passed an ordinance banning plastic bags and requiring stores to charge for paper bags. Thanks for linking to the pattern- I see a lot of these in my future!

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