Jan 202012

This quilt took longer to finish than I had expected, mainly because I was a procrastinatron. But it’s done now, yay! Except that when I showed it to Mr. Yazoo and my mom, they seemed rather underwhelmed, shucks.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s from Kajsa Wikman’s cute Scandinavian Stitches. I fmq-ed clouds on the top as she suggested, but I did wavy lines on the bottom instead of stars since it made more sense to me (stars don’t go on the ground, yo).

I free-motioned the birdies, too, but I didn’t trust myself on the fox and outlined that by hand. The fabric for the tree on the very left is actually the wrong side of some quilters’ tweed! I really need to buy more dark value greens.

You know, while I’m making quilts, I think of tons of things I want to write about, but when it’s time to actually post pictures, I forget everything I wanted to say! Anyhoo, I’m linking to Crazy Mom Quilts’ Finish It Up Friday. 🙂

Edit: I’m also linking up to From the Blue Chair’s January Slash the Stash because I made this all from my stash! I didn’t have orange fabric for the fox, so I used red and I think it’s close enough. Also, the backing’s pretty funny-looking — I used leftovers from the flannel I used for my dad’s quilt, and I had gotten that really on sale, so it’s not a super attractive print. No one should be looking at the back, anyway! :>

  17 Responses to “Fox Quilt, yip yip”

  1. What? Underwhelmed? Say what? I think this quilt is the cutest thing ever. (I’ve just pinned it on one of my boards on pinterest)

  2. Your quilt is stunning! Thanks for sharing it with blog-land.

  3. Soooooo cute! My daughter would absolutely love that!

  4. so cute! sorry you didn’t get the reaction this quilt warrants. i would’ve been squealing with glee!

  5. Underwhelmed???? How can that be? It is as cute as the dickens!

  6. Och, what on earth do your non-crafty family know? (Unless, of course, they’re gushing, at that point they know everything 😉 ) It looks fab, and I particularly like the birds

  7. I really love this! and the fabric in the sky with the birds is too perfect! At this stage I just don’t bother showing my OH anything I do because he just doesn’t get it at all, good thing I have Willow to cheer me on 🙂

  8. I like- not underwhelmed.

  9. This is fantastic!! I’m so in love with it!!!

  10. It’s really cute!! I’m sorry that you didn’t get the reaction you were looking for. I just returned that book to the library, it’s really neat. Thanks for sharing your great quilt with us!!

  11. AH! I love it! I think sometimes it takes a quilter to fully appreciate the art. 🙂 I am pinning this!

  12. Its so cute, I love it, great job. I want one of those foxes for me!

  13. this is so so cute

  14. Last night my husband and I saw a beautiful red fox in our backyard. I’m somewhat obsessed with making a fox quilt now, and came across this post while searching google for inspiration. This is gorgeous!!!! You have completely inspired me to buy the book and make one for myself! I may put stars in the sky since we saw ours at night, but certainly not on the ground. That’s crazy talk.

  15. I love this! It’s just so perfect and simple. I’m so impressed you did the birds. That’s the perfect touch. I adore the fox as well. Thanks for linking up to Slash the Stash!!

  16. They were underwhelmed? Silly people! This is a super cool quilt. 😀 In fact, when I saw it, the fox corner struck me as a great candidate for some wall quilts to cheer up my poor hubby’s nasty-gloom-doom office!

  17. Love it! I have no idea how to do the fox or birds so mine will be really simple.

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