Oct 262011

In Progress

Drunkard’s Path Quiltalong
Want to see my super fancy plan for what I want to make for this quiltalong?

I think the myriad possibilities for drunkard’s path blocks are super cool, but I figured that I should try to keep this first one a little spare since it’s going to be for my dad. So my little pile of charms are all cut out and ready for this week’s instructions.

Sew Mama Sew placemats
I’m binding them right now! Don’t have any pictures, though, since I took them to work so I can sew the binding down during lunch. I was sad when I realized that I’d cut all of the binding in the first week; if I hadn’t, I would have used the cheater binding method that I loved for my sister’s placemats. Whoops!

Sew Mama Sew tree pants
Top’s done; still have to quilt and bind it. I was going to wait for family dinner to baste it in my parents’ backyard. One day, I too will have a yard!
tree pants wip 3

Star Wars finger puppets
Again, no pictures since this is a work lunchtime project. This week, I made the storm trooper, ewok, Yoda, and Princess Leia. It’s too bad the camera on my phone is broken… Mr. Yazoo keeps telling me to get an iPhone, but I think it’s more fun to have that money for fabric than a data plan. :>


Bag for my aunty(‘s friend’s sister)

Halloween stuff for my niece

My first tomte (hehe)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Oct 192011

In Progress

Sew Mama Sew Placemats
I’m keeping up!
placemats, week 3

Sew Mama Sew Advent Calendar
Slightly behind — I haven’t done the edge and all-over sewing, and I also forgot to iron on the bird.
advent calendar wip, week 2

Sew Mama Sew Tree Pants
All caught up!
tree pants wip, week 2

Margaret bag for Aunty’s friend
I have all the pieces cut out, and the fusible fleece and interfacing are ironed on. I forgot to take a picture, whoops!

Star Wars finger puppets
I have the jawa, Chewie, C3PO, and R2-D2 put together. Again, no picture, but this time it’s because I only make these at work so that a certain someone doesn’t see them before Christmas. :>


Christmas present quilt

Ribbon blankie

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Oct 122011

In progress

J’s Christmas blanket
I’ve got the binding to sew down and the label to attach, and then I’m done!

I had an awful time attaching the binding the other night — my machine kept skipping stitches even though I was using my walking foot, so I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong. The next night, I took my walking foot apart, cleaned and oiled it, changed to a thicker needle, and increased my stitch length. That stopped the skipping, yay!

Sew Mama Sew Tree Pants
tree pants wip
Cosmo knocked down the stroller in order to get at my pile of fabric, so it’s not all nicely stacked like this anymore. Harrumph!

Sew Mama Sew Advent Calendar
advent calendar wip
I cut out two sets of small leaves, but the paper for my wonder under didn’t want to come off nicely. Poop. My other larger pieces were fine, though.

Skelly for my niece

I ran out of stuffing and am waiting for more to arrive, so Mr. Skelly’s channeling the Knights of Ni for now. I’m tickled that I finally used up the last of the bag of stuffing that I’ve had since high school!


Charging Basket

October block for Piece Bee With You bee

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Oct 052011

In progress

Sew Mama Sew Placemats
My fabric is all cut! That is, all of it except the backings — I’m going to do that at the end just in case I don’t manage to sew the tops the right size. I had a heck of a time deciding on what fabric to use; it would be so nice if I could have even more solids in my stash! I’m feeling a little guilty about the size of it, though, so have resolved to whittle it down a little. :>

Another Skellington
I don’t have a picture, but I’ve started on a skellington for my niece. Just imagine cut-up bits of white sock!


Bubble Pants
I entered this into Craft Buds’ Craft Book Month linky thingoo and won! Sunshine feels so famous now, since his picture was on the winners’ post. I already have plans for my prize: I’m going to use the charm pack in Needle and Spatula’s Drunkard’s Path quiltalong to make a quilt for my dad’s Christmas present. I’m excited!

Cowgirl coin purse
My sister liked it, hooray!

Eating out kit
This is my entry for Pings and Needles’ Japanese Scrap Bag Challenge. It sure is a load off my mind finally having this done!

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Sep 282011

In progress

J’s Christmas Quilt
I basted J’s Christmas quilt this past weekend. I was thinking about starting the quilting last night, but decided to order nice green thread (instead of using white or off-white), so am going to wait for that to arrive.

JW’s and R’s Bustle Backpacks
I’ve cut out most of the fabric for my little cousins’ bustle backpacks (again, for Christmas), but also am waiting for the matching thread to arrive. It was really relaxing ironing on the interfacing and cutting circles with my awesome circle rotary cutter while watching a Japanese remake of a Korean drama I’ve already seen. 😀

I haven’t done a WIP post for about a month and a half, so I’ll just pick the ones I really like.

Skellington and trick-or-treat bag

This one’s for Cosmo; I’m going to make another set for my niece.

Kitty and Bunny Thingoos
These are super easy to make, but I think they’re soooo cute.

Bento bags for Mom and me
I just love Pink Penguin’s tutorials!
cup side

Dawnybear Potholders
While my sister and niece were visiting, I got Dawnybear’s footprint and made potholders for my sister, mom, and Dawnybear’s other grandma. I still have a lot of purple fabric paint left… what to do with it?
footprint potholder for Stacy

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Aug 102011


Teapot test block
I’m so excited to be in my first bee! Now that I’ve tried out this teapot block, I’m thinking of trying to do one with the sew-into-paper kind of paper piecing.
teapot block

Ribbon blankies
I made some ribbon blankies for three of my sister’s friends, all of whom are in their third trimester. Golly!
ribbon blankies for my sister's friends

Carrot scissors case
My sister’s been using it this week, yay! She said that, hopefully, her husband won’t think to take her new scissors out of its case, which will be good because he might use it on something other than fabric. >_< with scissors in

Toy bucket
I filled it with two Thomas the Train toys, a My Little Pony, stickers, and a Hot Wheel, so my friend’s daughter was rather more excited about those than the bag, but I was happy when I saw her carrying her bucket when she left.
toy bucket

In progress

Sunshine’s quilt!
I finally made progress on Sunshine’s I Spy quilt! After making the teapot block, I wanted to do some easy piecing, so got the main panels together. I think I like the owl one the best.
Sunshine's I Spy, in progress

Baby squishie
This is just silly — this baby squishie is mostly done, but I can’t finish it because I left all the jingly bells for it with my sister, who’s gone squishie nuts. :> She finished her first one and is almost done with her second, and it’s only been a couple of days since I showed her how!
pentagon squishie, in progress

Disappearing nine patch quilt
This is the quilt I started for my friend’s daughter, but couldn’t finish in time. I totally ripped off Greenleaf Goods’ quilt, but made my blocks super huge in the hopes it would come together quickly enough. Now I can go at a more leisurely pace, and I have been meaning to make quilts for daughters of two other friends… 🙂
girl quilt, in progress

Want to do!
I liked having my want-to-do list from last week when I was having trouble choosing a new project to work on, so I’m going to continue it!

  1. Dawnybear footprint potholders: My parents had a laugh while my sister and I struggled to get good footprints from Dawnybear — I think we made at least three where Dawnybear only had four toes! I think the good footprints have dried enough by now, so I have to make them into potholders before my sister’s vacation is over.
  2. Cut fussy-cut charms for the Feeling Fussy Modern Fabric Swap: I left a bunch of good fussy cuttable fabric with my sister for her squishies, so I’ll cut charms for this swap when I get them back.
  3. Bustle backpacks: These will be Christmas presents for two of my little cousins. I got the fabric for them in the mail this week!
  4. Christmas quilt: I’m going to make a quilt from the Ready, Set, Snow charm pack I won from Quilt Taffy for the third of my little cousins. He’s a boy, so I can’t make him a bustle backpack. 😀
  5. Tea kettle tablerunner

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Aug 032011

I had bought the Castle Peeps prints for this quilt a while ago, but no coordinating solids, and then I pieced the top pretty quickly and was too lazy to go out to buy more fabric (or wait for some to arrive in the mail), so I tried to find stuff in my stash to fill in the gaps. I think that’s why it might look a little funky, and it made me want to have more solids in the house. I was super stoked when I found out that the little bit of Joel Dewberry’s woodgrain print matched the greens in the Castle Peeps fabric perfectly, though!
Koenigskind quilt, finished!

Baby ballet shoes
Dawnybear arrived yesterday and tried them on, and I’m pleased to report that they do fit her! I’m going to replace the lavender ribbon with black elastic — she kept undoing the bows when she was practicing crawling.
baby ballet shoes

I don’t have any in-progress projects that I’ve actually worked on this week, so I’ll substitute my want-to-dos.

Want to do!
Practice teapot block
I got into my first quilting bee — Sew Happy Geek’s Sew Bee Joyful bee — and I’m super stoked about it! I’m hoping to ask for teapot paper-pieced blocks for my month, and I’m really excited about trying to make a practice block.

Tea kettle tablerunner
I bought a tea kettle tablerunner kit from Amy at During Quiet Time. I love her handmade prints! I was going to start this after I finished my last project, but then I got all hepped up about my quilting bee. 😀

Blossom shoulder bag
I wanted to make Amy Butler’s Blossom shoulder bag sometime this month, and I do have the pattern pieces cut out, but this keeps getting shoved back because of the other things I want to do more.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Jul 272011

In progress

Koenigskind beginning
I’ve finally started cutting and piecing the Koenigskind quilt (from Fat Quarterly Issue 5) for my niece. I have to say that I don’t really like the instructions… I left off cutting and piecing the shutter blocks, and I feel like the instructions are all: here are some vague strip cutting dimensions (which, if you want to make it like the quilt in the picture, I think are rather silly — why 16 strips instead of 8 slightly larger blocks?); now just look at the diagram and pbbllltt!

At least I had fun trying out my 1/4″ sewing foot for the first time!


Sugar Pop placemats
I’m so happy to finally be done with these. Here are pictures of the last three:
love placemat
circles placemat
wonky stars placemat
… and if you want to, you can see all eight here.

Squishies for ze babies
This evening, my husband was whirling these around his finger while watching tv. Previously, Cosmo’s been picking them up and bouncing them on the ribbon. I think they’re playing with them more than Sunshine!
baby pentagon balls

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Jul 202011

I missed two Wednesdays, whoops!

In progress:

Placemats for my sister
I’ve got five of eight done! I’m using one each of my set of Sugar Pop purply fat quarters, with most of the fabric for the backing and the leftovers on the front. I got a little bit lazy with the quilting, but I figure that if my sister washes them so much that they fall apart because of the lack of quilting, I’ll just make new ones!
hexies placemat
zigzag placemat
While I was making these, my walking foot was acting up, so I took it apart, cleaned and oiled it, and then it worked nicely again. Yay!
checkerboard placemat
diamond placemat
Normally, I like sewing bindings by hand, but since there are eight of these, I tried Made by Rae’s cheater binding method. I like how it looks, at least from the front. I’m not really crazy about how it looks on the back, but I think my sister won’t mind.
flower placemat

No progress 🙁

Full Swing quilt for grandmother-in-law
I decided that I need to rip out the awful quilting that I’ve done so far and try something different, but I’m putting it off because I have other things to do that actually have deadlines. Also, seam ripping is no fun. >_< Sunshine’s I Spy quilt
Almost all the pieces are cut out, but poor Sunshine’s getting shoved aside for other stuff.


Pair of girl baby quilts
My aunty asked me to make a girl baby quilt for her friend and my cousin also recently had a baby girl, so I made two at once.
Log cabin baby quilt
baby girl log cabin quilt
Crayon Box baby quilt
crayon box baby quilt

Toddler messenger bag
Cosmo kept leaving the house clutching so many trains that he’d drop them on the way to the car, so I made him a bag to use instead. Now he loads his bag up with so many trains that he holds my hand using the arm that’s got the bag on it so that I end up helping carry the load.
Cosmo’s toddler-sized messenger bag
toddler messenger bag

We Can Do It blocks
Churn Dash and bonus blocks
WCDI churn and dash
WCDI month 1 bonus block
WCDI pinwheels

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