Mar 042013

My goal this month is to completely finish a quilt for my cousin. I’ve been making a ton of teeny projects, and now I feel like making something big! I’ve gotten as far as cutting everything out, and as usual, it took me longer than I expected.
fabric cut out for Kevin's quilt

Part of the reason it took so long was that I had to make it pretty scrappy since I wanted to make the quilt from my stash, and I really didn’t have enough of my solid dark and light fabrics. See that pile of five brown fabrics? That’s supposed to be one brown! It’s hard to see, but I’ve also got three different off-whites in that light pile. Anyhoo, I tried to plan out where different colors would go, and only realized that my plan could never work after I’d spent a whole lot of time staring at (and nodding off over) my color chart. Shucks!
stinking color chart

I made some test hourglass and flying geese blocks to make sure I was going to cut my fabric correctly, and I was all proud of myself until I realized that I had used actual fabric for the quilt in my made-to-throw-away test blocks. Dur!
test blocks

I’m optimistic about finishing this by the end of the month — since I threw out my colorchartplan, I can do super duper mindless chain piecing. We shall see, though… here’s hoping!

Jan 162013

I’ve been staying on schedule with my Dr. Whos, and now the end is in sight! Yippee!

Dr. Who cross-stitch wip

In my extremely (in)accurate estimation, the Tardis took me 10 hours, and each doctor takes me about three hours. I can’t wait to finish the cross-stitch part and finally get to the zippy-fast sewing part!

Jan 072013

I do love me a finish-along, so for January I’m choosing something I have to get done on time: a birthday present for my dad. It’s due on the 25th, so I have most of the month, but I need it because I am SLOW! I’m going to make him a passport-and-other-travel-document folder (hopefully he’ll use it during my parents’ upcoming trip to Korea), and I’m cross-stitching the Tardis and all eleven Dr. Whos on the exterior fabric. Eek!

I’m using Wee Little Stitches’ super cool pattern, but boy am I worried about finishing on time! After working on it all day and late last night, this is as far as I got:

So my goal is to finish the Tardis today and then one doctor a day after that. Hopefully that’ll leave me enough time to try pulling off that waste canvas (my first time ever!) and actually make the passport folder. Gogo!

Feb 012012

In Progress

Keyka Lou grocery bags

Sunshine invited our extended family to dim sum for his first birthday later this month, and he put me in charge of favors. I want to inflict more handmade stuff on at least the grown-up women, so I’m thinking I’ll make them each a grocery bag, a wristlet, and if I have time, a little coin purse thingy. (Also, I really wanted to buy Keyka Lou’s wristlet pattern, and this gave me an excuse! Plusplus, I snagged these two patterns on the last day that a 20% off coupon was usable. Woot!) Last night, I cut out the bag bodies for the seven bags I need. That took me a while!

On a marginally related note, I was trying to think of what to give to the grown-up guys. I asked Mr. Yazoo what he likes to receive as party favors, and the big grouchypants said he doesn’t like to get anything! Since he’s no help, what do you think about li see with a bit of cash? Then, to be fair, I’d give the women a choice between that and an actual favor bag. If you were a guy, would you like that?

Made in Cherry quiltalong

I’m behind! This is going to be our family picnic blanket, and I’m really excited about it because Cosmo was hanging out with me when I was sewing these strips, and he had fun looking at the I Spy charms. He even tried to steal ones he liked! I gave him a couple to play with — there were some that had really cute prints but were cut smaller than 5″ so I couldn’t use them in the quilt. Boo!


Bee blocks
At the last minute!

Other stuff

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Jan 182012

I got very little done this past week, boo! I was sleepy, or something — I’d stay up to sew one night, then sleep through the next night, which meant I only sewed three nights. It’ll be nice when I can take advantage of caffeine pills and ZipFizz again, heh, heh, heh.

In Progress

Fox quilt
I did the quilting this week, and I fmq-ed the clouds that Kajsa Wikman suggested. They’re super cute! I was so mad while I was quilting, though! Some of my clouds came out okay:

Pretty frequently, though, I’d get skipped stitches. I’m almost positive that it was particularly when I was pulling the fabric straight towards me — maybe it was pulling the needle too far out of whack.

At first, when I got skipped stitches, I’d stop, rip some out, and start over to fix the bad bit. Then I got grouchy and either left them in or went back over them in a scribble:

I was getting super frustrated because, other than the skipped stitches, I thought my stitch length looked pretty okay. Booooo.


The only thing I finished this week was this pair of silly bunnies. Cosmo misplaced his and kept trying to steal Sunshine’s, so I made him a new one. The other is for Dawnybear.

This is not really germane, but my mom’s cute plant that was in the picture of my first set of bunnies was stolen (along with a bunch of other plants) on Christmas night! Meanies!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Jan 112012

In Progress

Fox quilt
I only barely managed to force myself to work a little bit on Dawnybear’s quilt last night because her birthday’s coming up and I don’t want to send it late. I never look forward to applique, even easy-pants-raw-edge-fusible applique, and even though I like how it looks in the end. I managed to get all the shapes ironed on last night, so I guess tonight I get to outline stitch them. Ooooog.

Coasters, hah!
After that, I treated myself to prepping some coaster bitlets — I’m excited to do more embroidery! I didn’t have time to actually do anything with them, though.


I’m linking to Lee’s WIP Wednesday, as usual. 🙂

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Jan 042012

In Progress

Fox quilt for Dawnybear
I’m making the fox applique thingoo quilt from Scandinavian Stitches for Dawnybear’s first birthday present. It’s such a cute design! I got this far last night — I only got to sew for two and a half hours, but in that time, Sunshine woke up three times. >_<

Finished! (since the last WIP Wednesday)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Nov 302011

In Progress

Drunkards’ Path
I’ve almost finished quilting it. I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to do, and I ended up quilting circles starting from the green one. Since I don’t like warming up, my fmq on the inside circles is pretty bad, and then it gets a little better on the outer ones. I’m hoping it’ll look okay once it goes through the wash!

The backing doesn’t match at all, I know, but I keep buying flannel when it’s on sale and I have to use it up. >_<

Thanksgiving bapron

Bee blocks

Circle keychain coin purses
I finished up the keychain pouches for my friends’ Christmas presents earlier this week (except for buying more keychain ring thingies). I had initially planned to top-stitch around by hand since they were so thick that they wouldn’t fit under my sewing machine foot, but I eventually decided not to. I could just see myself getting really agitated about my crooked stitching (so many layers!) and ripping them out in the end. Heh!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Nov 232011

In Progress

Christmas Tree Pants
It’s almost time to buy a tree, so I figured I’d better get cracking on finishing my Christmas tree pants! When I looked at them again, they were looking a little Canadian flag-ey, so I hoped that I could bring it back to Christmassey with some hand-quilting.

I thought I was doing pretty well with one thimble, but I guess I wasn’t since Mr. Yazoo said he heard me yell ‘ow’ a lot. :> I’ve been bringing the pants to work so I could get a little quilting done during lunch, but on Monday I forgot my thimbles at home, so I made one out of paper and tape. Heh, heh.

Circle Zip Pouch
I realized last night that my library copy of Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing was due, so I spent a few hours tracing patterns, cutting them out, and scanning the instructions. After that, I had very little time left to sew before I was supposed to wake up for work (hah!), so I made 0.9 + 0.5 out of three keychain coin purses for my friends’ Christmas presents.

I think I have to top stitch them by hand because after I turned the first one right-side-out, I couldn’t squeeze it under my sewing machine foot! I also have to re-serge that second one because I didn’t realize one of my threads had broken when I was going back over a section that didn’t grab all of the layers, and I ended up just trimming the previous serging stitches off. Oof!

I was really sleepy this past week, so I didn’t get much done.

Bustle Backpacks

Happy turkey day, everyone!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Nov 162011

In Progress

Drunkards’ Path Quilt Along
I pieced the top, and it’s looking awfully TIE fighter-ey… hmm! It’s also kind of long and skinny (I originally had sashing at the top and bottom, too, but I took those off to make it a little less long and skinny), but I’ve run out of Kona coal. Right now, it’s about 59″ x 70″. That’s kind of weird, huh? I guess in the future I should make to-scale plans. Heh.
drunkards' path wip 3

Bustle Backpacks
I made progress on the purple one this week, but forgot to take a picture. All of the circles are sewn on and the exterior is a tube; I have the interior and final assembly left.


Showoff Bag

Don’t-look-too-closely potholders

Birdy Market Tote

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced