Sep 102015

In order to practice for an upcoming workshop, I made an Amy Butler weekender bag I don’t need. hah! My old one is still perfectly fine even though I use it almost every day, and I’m not ready yet to give up my funny ducklings and homelike kitties. 😀
lion weekender bag

Anyway, I needed to write down the modifications I made the last time I used Soft & Stable, so I scrounged through my stash and came up with a me-typical mish mash of fabric loosely themed around felines… the wolves are roughly the same shape, yeah?
lion weekender bag, inside

My piping turned out pretty wrinkled because I got confused again about whether to pull the bias tape taut or leave it slack. I tell myself again: pull taut on bags (convex curves) and leave slack on clothes (concave curves)!!!
lion weekender bag

I’m not sure what to do with this bag, now… on one hand, it would be nice to keep because I like how it turned out, plus I love the zipper. (It has two pulls! And it opens so easily! And it’s pretty!) On the other hand, I wouldn’t use it for a while yet, and I hate having bags sitting around and getting crumply. Plus, it makes me feel like I’m being greedy. A family friend jokingly said she’d take it, and I would actually send it to her if I knew how to mail it without costing an arm and a leg or squishing it too badly. People who make custom bags for reals don’t end up paying $40 for shipping, do they?
lion weekender bag

In any case, while I fail to do anything to figure this out, here’s a picture of my lion weekender bag with a six year-old for scale. 🙂
lion weekender bag, to scale