Apr 282015

Back in February (haha, my late posts are kind of catching up to now), I actually managed to finish my sister’s and brother-in-law’s presents for their March birthdays early… and then I almost forgot to mail them in time!

My sister took a finance class and has been really good about keeping to her budget by using a cash system. The finance class gave out checkbook-cover-looking pouches with paper envelopes to keep different budgets separate, but my sister mentioned that she felt a little embarrassed pulling out it to pay for things. What’s a sewerery sister to do? ;D
modified mochi della wallet

I had been all set to buy the Necessary Clutch pattern, but then I realized that the Della wallet would work just as well with some modifications, and with the added benefit that I already owned the pattern. 😀

The Della is designed with two exterior zippered pockets and two interior billfold pockets, but since my sister has three budgets, I changed the billfold pockets to be two additional interior zippered pockets. I figured she could use the extra zippered pocket for her phone… you can never have too many zippered pockets!
mochi modified della wallet, open

I actually made two at once — I tried out the modifications on the extra one before duplicating them on my sister’s wallet. I love this Harajuku Rose print!
Harajuku Rose Della wallet

I had meant to keep this one for myself, and I was particularly excited about the funny mix of new and vintage zippers that I used in it. Unfortunately, even though I like it on its own, the coral print inside bothered me too much, so I’m keeping it on the side for an emergency gift. Also, I think that I should have topstitched the card pockets with pink thread instead of blue.
Harajuku Rose Della wallet, open

My poor brother-in-law is having back problems, so I made him a hot/cold buckwheat pillow. I made it using Sew Mama Sew‘s instructions for the cover, but with The Green Wife‘s dimensions, and this is my new favorite size for buckwheat heat packs! (I made one for myself with more Harajuku Rose fabric, but I didn’t take a picture because it’s pretty boring to look at.)
buckwheat heat pack

I added some belt loop-type thingies on the back of the pack so that my brother-in-law could belt the heat pack to his back — I meant for the loop and belt to be on the outside, keeping the the heat pack closest to the back. However, it seems like my sister’s appropriated it to keep her shoulders warm and landed up with two birthday presents. 😀
buckwheat heat pack back

Apr 112013

Back at Easter, I tried to get together a variety of things for the kids’ egg hunt, since last year I filled their eggs with only like three different things, and it seemed a little boring when they were opening their eggs up. One of the things I made were wallets (using Modest Maven’s tutorial) since then I could put coins, dollar bills, and coupons for goodies in their eggs.

I modified it a little by replacing one of the card slot thingies with just a plain velcroed pocket for coins. It made the corners of that side of the wallet a little difficult to topstitch through, and I could have avoided that by just adding velcro to the back of the card pocket, but I thought it was nice to have a cute panel of fabric, especially since the kids don’t have many cards to put in those pockets.
wallet, interior

The kids also got bunnies. (There are a bunch of them because I also made some for my little cousins’ Easter presents.) I had a lot of fun browsing Etsy bunny patterns until I eventually found Zooguu’s pattern, which I think has a really cute ball shape. (Oops! I turned their ears up to show the different fabrics I used underneath, but I didn’t manage to catch them in the picture.)

Cosmo super duper likes having his names on things now, so I stamped the kids’ names on their bunnies’ ears.
bunny ears

The pattern was nice and easy, so I almost didn’t mind being a factory with all the bunnies. And it’s fun when I get a lot of use out of one pattern!
bunny tummy