May 212014

Ooops, I found pictures of some small things I made half a year ago and forgot to post about. Must document everything (hah)! 😀

Last year, While She Naps made a free tiny kitty pattern that’s super adorable, so I put together a couple of them for my kiddos.
two tiny kitties

I used fleece for Sunshine’s one, which wasn’t the best choice since it came out not quite as poofy and cute as the other one. Wait, why is this one grey with blue eyes? Oh! I remember now — I had made three; the grey one that Sunshine’s holding is his, and the purple one in the other picture is his cousin’s. Sunshine refused to give up his kitty for the group photo, that’s why. I know you really wanted to know all of this. 😉
fleece tiny kitty

Cosmo’s is made out of super soft minky. It came out cuter since the minky was stretchy and could poof out more, but I had to watch out because the stretchiness meant that I almost made the head too big. And later on, the minky attracted dirt like craaazy!
minky tiny kitty

Then at Christmas, I made my aunty two bags for her Secret Santa present. Gah, you can see here that I forgot to make the two sides of the right bag mirror images so the fabric would line up correctly at the bottom!
two bags for Aunty

The left one is Michelle Patterns’ grocery bag. I really love making these now with denim for the exterior and handles — it looks really cute this way, and I don’t have to stress about coordinating three different prints. hehe.
woodpecker grocery bag

The right one is Echinops and Aster’s spa bag. My aunty complimented my mom’s one, so Mr. Yazoo pointed out that I ought to make her a similar one. I cropped out the evidence that I put it together wrong, muhaha!
Aunty's spa bag

Jan 242014

A couple months ago, Mr. Yazoo had to go on a work trip. Cosmo had been a little clingier than usual, so I made him a daddy dolly to hug while Mr. Yazoo was away.
daddy dolly

I actually had really wanted to buy a doll pattern (I love any excuse to buy a pattern), but for various reasons, I ended up making my own. I fixated on being able to make sticky-forward feet, and I was so happy when I kind of managed it!
daddy dolly feet

daddy dolly feet from the side

I even prototyped them first, which is the kind of practice and planning that’s practically unheard of in the Yazoo workshop. hehe.
daddy dolly prototype feet

Later on, I made another daddy dolly for my three-year-old niece whose dad is in the navy.
george dolly

And then recently I made a Luffy dolly for Mr. Yazoo’s friend’s baby’s first birthday party. (They were having a One Piece-themed party.)
luffy dolly

Sorry about the pictures! I finished up at 3:30 in the morning, which gave Mr. Yazoo just enough time to wrap it before dashing to work to give it to his co-worker. But I wanted to show you the hat, too! 😀
luffy dolly back

Nov 062013

I love how fantastic sewing is for someone like me who has hobby ADD — bored of making quilts? Sew clothes! Bored of making clothes? Sew bags! Tired of making bags? Sew toys! And so I made some monsters for my kiddies.
monster trio

I let them choose which one they wanted (Glowbug got the leftover one), and Cosmo picked the pink monster that’s based on Igor Mousenstein.
googly eye monster

Sunshine chose the one from Make a Monster. I was so surprised that he actually really likes it — it’s been a couple of weeks, and he’s still carrying it around! He calls it his dolly. 😀
weirdo monster

Glowbug got the last one, which I made just so Sunshine would still be able to make a choice after Cosmo. It’s based on a monster I saw on Pinterest, but the link goes somewhere weird… anyway, I think it’s really funny! It’s the perfect shape to put a crinkly thing inside for babies, although that didn’t occur to me when I made this one.
moustachioed monster

They’ve got hearts on their butts because it’s a monster requirement, donchaknow. Picture overload!
moustachioed monster, back
monster pair, back
kiddies with monsters

Jul 192013

Since I sew while everyone’s sleeping, I close the bedroom door most of the way so the noise and light doesn’t disturb my family, but still leave it a little cracked open so I can hear when Glowbug wakes up. On breezy nights, this was a problem because the door would bang open and shut, obviously defeating the purpose of the whole thing. Solution? A rock door stop!
door stop rock happy

I thought that was so funny — it’s a rock! Rocks make great doorstops! But I made a rock for a doorstop instead of just picking one up from outside! hehehe.

Anyway, I embroidered faces on the other two sides as well (please pardon the weird colors — I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in gimp).
door stop rock squinty

Since we moved, I packed up my less-frequently-used craft supplies in boxes that are currently under the house, and that’s where my would-have-been-perfect-for-this bag of crushed walnut shells is. Doh! Then I remembered our jar full of change that never gets spent, so I weighted the rock with a bag of pennies. Nice and heavy!
door stop rock sleepy

The next morning, eagle-eyed Cosmo noticed our new rock right away, and claimed he loved it and that it was his best friend. He carried it around the house, kept tossing it (to go THUNK on the hard floors), and got into some scuffles with Sunshine over whose rock it was, so the next night I made some rock brothers for the kids to play with.
rock bros
Of course, the boys mainly ignored the new rocks. Such is my life!

Linking up to Amanda’s Finish It Up Friday. Maybe someone else will think these are funny, too! 😀

Jul 022013

If you don’t already follow her, LiEr at ikatbag is such an awesome sewerer — she makes clever, thrifty, and just plain fantastic stuff. Earlier in the year, I found out about her hilarious chicken pattern, and I super duper wanted to make it; fortunately, Cosmo’s birthday was right about that time. So I got to make the funniest chicken ever!
the funniest chicken

Doesn’t look funny to you? Wait for it…
chicken feet

It lays eggs! Bwahahaha! There’s a channel going from the top of the chicken near the tail to the place where eggs usually come out. hee hee hee!
momma and chickies

You just have to scrounge around the house for leftover plastic eggs, load up the little chickies, and then squeeze them out! ikatbag’s pattern post has great pictures of the egg-laying process — I was too chicken to take my own (hurk hurk).

This was such a fun present to give to Cosmo. He kept asking us to make the chicken lay eggs, and I loved seeing him carry the chicken around under his arm. It’s big!
chicken with kiddie for scale

He also really liked the baby chickies. Nowadays, he sometimes takes a chick to school to have for naptime. LiEr really made a fantastic pattern — the chicken is high-larious and the chickies are adorable! And a big plus is that if you sew fast and wonky (like me), that just gives the baby chicks even more personality. 😀
cosmo hatched

Apr 112013

Back at Easter, I tried to get together a variety of things for the kids’ egg hunt, since last year I filled their eggs with only like three different things, and it seemed a little boring when they were opening their eggs up. One of the things I made were wallets (using Modest Maven’s tutorial) since then I could put coins, dollar bills, and coupons for goodies in their eggs.

I modified it a little by replacing one of the card slot thingies with just a plain velcroed pocket for coins. It made the corners of that side of the wallet a little difficult to topstitch through, and I could have avoided that by just adding velcro to the back of the card pocket, but I thought it was nice to have a cute panel of fabric, especially since the kids don’t have many cards to put in those pockets.
wallet, interior

The kids also got bunnies. (There are a bunch of them because I also made some for my little cousins’ Easter presents.) I had a lot of fun browsing Etsy bunny patterns until I eventually found Zooguu’s pattern, which I think has a really cute ball shape. (Oops! I turned their ears up to show the different fabrics I used underneath, but I didn’t manage to catch them in the picture.)

Cosmo super duper likes having his names on things now, so I stamped the kids’ names on their bunnies’ ears.
bunny ears

The pattern was nice and easy, so I almost didn’t mind being a factory with all the bunnies. And it’s fun when I get a lot of use out of one pattern!
bunny tummy

Jan 092013

I made tooth fairy elephant pillows for part of my little cousins’ Christmas presents this year, really because it gave me an excuse to get Melody Miller’s cute (but not cheap) pattern. (Actually, I conned my sister into buying it for me… heh!)

elephant tooth fairy pillows, front

Overall, I like this pattern; it’s just a little different from what I’m used to. For instance, there are a bunch of pattern pieces (like the main elephant shape) where you were supposed to keep the outside frame part and discard the inside piece. After going through the instructions, I understood why she made that choice, but I still found those pattern pieces to be floppy and annoying to use and store, so I ended up reprinting them so that I could keep the normal inner pieces.

An awesome thing about this pattern is that it includes a page of cute little cards addressed to the Tooth Fairy that you can print out to give along with the pillow!

elephant tooth fairy pillows, backs

Oct 212011

I recently ordered more stuffing from Amazon, and I also treated myself to Scandinavian Stitches to get the free shipping. (Oh, how I love your free shipping, Amazon!) I’m suuuper late to the party — people were raving about this book a year ago — but I love it! Every project in it is so cute, especially the tomtes! It’s funny because when I first saw people making these, I thought they were silly looking, but now I think they’re silly adorable.

I made this one for Sunshine the day I got the book because I was so excited about it. It took me forever to stuff the legs! Also, I wanted to be quick and so only pinned the arms and legs into place before I sewed the back and front together, which turned out to be false economy because I had to rip out the stitches and do it over. Even though it took me way longer than it should have (why am I such a slow sewerer?!), I’m looking forward to making at least two more of these!

This is made entirely out of stash stuff. I don’t know why, but I got it into my head that it should also only be made out of scrap bin stuff; otherwise, I would have picked a different fabric for the body. It’s fun just working out of my scrap bin, though — there are a lot fewer pieces the correct size, so I don’t have to make such hard decisions about which fabric combinations to use. 😀

Sep 232011

Hello, Mr. Skellington and your trick-or-treat bag!

The sock skeleton that Fabric Donkey linked for Cauldron Crafts was so hilarious that I had to make one for Cosmo.

Cosmo kept taking it away from me when I was trying to finish it, and of course once I was done, gave it to him, and wanted to take a picture, he didn’t want anything to do with it anymore! Harrumph.

Mr. Yazoo had fun directing Mr. Skellington’s photo shoot, though.

I also made Cosmo a trick-or-treat bag basically from The Sometimes Crafter’s pattern. I made it a different size and able to stand up on its own since Cosmo has an easier time with that sort of bag, and I embroidered a rainbow on the non-kitty side. I like it when Cosmo says, “bow wow” (like arrow) for “rainbow.” 🙂

Now I have to make a second skellington and bag for my niece. Mr. Skellington says bye!

Cauldron Crafts with Distant Pickles and Fabric Donkey

Finished it Fridays!

Sep 172011

I made thingoos for Cosmo and Sunshine! I felt like making something quickly, so I used My Little Mochi’s cute pattern. I’m so slow at embroidery that the kitty and bunny still took up my whole night!

I put ribbons on their butts since Cosmo likes them, and that made the kitty look like a squirrel. Hi, squirrel!

When I gave the green squirrel to Sunshine and the blue bunny to Cosmo, Sunshine kind of waved it around and dropped it, and of course Cosmo wanted the “green bunny.” :>