Mar 132017

Goodness, I took a blog break! Hello, again! Zooming back to last year, I made a bunch of Sew Together Bags for presents. They’re finally with their recipients, so I can show them!

I love these bags! They’re surprisingly addictive to make since they’re pretty quick to sew. (The fabric selection, on the other hand, takes me a whole extra sewing day.)

These are all made with linen canvas exteriors and Soft & Stable, and the side and zipper bindings are cut on the bias. I added fabric zipper ends to the interior pockets in order to make attaching the pockets to the bag sides easier. (Also because my zippers were too short, heh.)

The pattern instructions have you attach the main zipper end tabs to the sides as the last step by topstitching over the finished binding. Also, the main zipper tabs are not interfaced, so they ended up a little droopy. Plus, since I used a lighter fabric, I could see the darker zipper through the fabric, and it looked lighter where there were fewer layers. I didn’t like it!

After my first bag, I interfaced the main zipper tabs, made them with only one side seam, and changed the sewing order so that the main zipper tabs were sewn into the sides of the bag earlier. Then my final step was to topstitch the main zipper into the tabs. I wasn’t fantastic at it, but the mess was more acceptable to me.

This sewing order also gave me a better chance of remembering to put in my label. It only took me two attempts to realize that the label works better at the end-end of the zipper (as opposed to the beginning-end).

I ended up having to finish the binding by hand because the Soft & Stable was so thick and my binding strips didn’t have enough overlap for machine topstitching, but that was fine since I like hand-sewing binding. I just had to make sure that my thread matched my zipper since my stitches showed underneath.

I gave the guitar fabric one to my dad since he likes buying little pouches for his USB drives and assorted cables, and he gave this incredulous little laugh, like “why would you give this to me?!” *SIGH* Oh well!