Oct 032015

I’m posting over at imagine gnats today about my favorite things to wear: basics! I just realized that I forgot to mention the sizes I sewed on my imagine gnats blog post, so I’ll note them here. :}

I made a Deer & Doe plantain tee (size 36, Art Gallery strawberry, no alterations) and Sewaholic’s Thurlow shorts (size 4, Kaufman houndstooth twill, increased crotch depth and length by 1/4″ on both the front and back pattern pieces, but that didn’t really work out).
plantain tee and thurlow shorts

And then I also got to make Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi tank (size 4 bust graded to size 10 waist and hip, Art Gallery air brush flight) and Megan Nielsen’s Brumby skirt (size S, Kaufman Swiss dot chambray, version 3 with version 2’s pockets).
mission maxi tank, brumby skirt, uptown/downtown tank

Finally, I made Glowbug a matching outfit with leftovers! 😀 😀 😀 For her tank, I used Sew Straight & Gather’s Uptown/Downtown dress with no sleeves, and I straightened out the sides since it flares out going into the skirt. Her skirt is a simple gathered pair of rectangles… somehow, I thought it would be more flarey if I put two layers of Swiss dot and one layer of lining, but you can’t even tell that the extra layers are there. hah!
matchy matchy!

More information (and nicer pictures) are on the imagine gnats blog, so maybe go take a peeky… 🙂

Sep 262014

I was suuuuper excited to participate in this year’s Selfish Sewing Week because I got to try out La Sylphide from Papercut Patterns, thanks to Rachael at imagine gnats! 🙂
la sylphide dress

La Sylphide is a great value since you can make a dress, skirt, and peplum top from the pattern. The instructions aren’t super involved, but that makes sense since it’s marked as an advanced pattern. I found the directions clear enough, even though I don’t think I’m an advanced clothes sewerer, but I did refer to this portion of their sew-along to check that I was doing the placket ends correctly.

I traced all the pattern pieces in the XS size since I sooort of fall in its measurements, and I heard that the pattern has a good amount of ease. First, I made a test version of the skirt. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t need any adjustments — it’s basically a circle skirt, so if the waistband came out the wrong size, the skirt would just sit a little higher or lower. I believe other people have found the skirt a little short for their tastes, but I don’t generally have to worry about that as I am slightly short myself. :>
la sylphide skirt sideish

(Mr. Yazoo kept telling me that my skirt was wrinkled when he was helping me take pictures, but I was too lazy to go back in and iron them out.) Hemming all of my La Sylphides really made me want to buy a rolled hem foot for my machine, gahhhh. I looooove this skirt, though! The button-uppiness is cute and I think the skirt is flattering and comfy. It’s too bad that it needs all of the recommended 1 1/4 yards, cause I have a couple of 1 yard cuts of fabric that I wish I could use to make more of these.
la sylphide skirt swish

After the skirt, I tried making the blouse in order to work out any fitting issues before tackling the dress version, and I ended up making these adjustments:

That turned out pretty okay! It’s a little hard to see because of the dizzying tiny houndstooth, though. On this version, the sleeves are short because I ran out of fabric. I thiiink the shorter sleeves might look better on me?
la sylphide blouse

I would never wear the blouse and skirt together as an outfit, and I only made them in the same fabric since I overestimated what I needed (the houndstooth was 42″ wide, and the pattern only gives yardage for 55″ wide fabric, so I bought 3 yards) and ended up with a lot of extra fabric, but I had them hanging together on my dressform, and it made me giggle. Don’t you think it looks schoolmarmish? 😀
la sylphide schoolmarm

After all that, I was finally ready to use my preeeecious fabric from Girl Charlee (which appears to no longer be in stock). Since it’s a peach skin, I bought size 60/8 sharps (almost the recommended needle in this chart) and lengthened my stitch to 3.4, which made my seams come out much nicer than when I’d used an 11/70 needle and the default stitch length.
la sylphide dress look up

I finally noticed when I tried on the dress that the bodice is probably slightly too long for me, so the neeext time I make this, I’ll try:

  • move the bust point only 1/4″ to the center and 1/2″ down
  • shorten the bodice by 1/2″ (and then see if I need to do it more the nextnext time)

Also, after I use up the rest of the peach skin fabric I have, no more buying peach skin! It’s drapey and pretty, but boy, it’s too hot for where I live! That is, unless I’m sewing work clothes — the a/c usually works there. 😀 Anyway, I had a lot of fun and grew my clothes-sewing skills a little bit, so I’m calling this a win! I hope you had fun during Selfish Sewing Week, too!
la sylphide dress curtsy