Jan 132012

First, things I learned!

1. Unpicking embroidery stitches is a lot easier if you do it with the back of the needle than if you do it from the front.

I was happily stitching away on a violin, then noticed that the fabric was looking a lot more puckery than usual. It was because I was embroidering on two pieces of uninterfaced backing pieces, rather than one of my interfaced front pieces! Boo! And because I was using the last piece of brown thread I had, I didn’t want to just chuck it, so I learned this valuable lesson about how to unpick embroidery. I will use this a lot in the future, Ijustknowit.

2. Pay attention to dimensions when you order custom stamps.
I ordered some custom stamps so that I could make labels for bags — the ones I already have say “[heart] Alli,” which I think is a little weird for certain projects, like things I make things for my kids.

I sent an etsy seller the same picture I used to get my labels printed up, and she replied with a message to verify the dimensions of each stamp. I told her it was fine without really visualizing it (as usual).

When I got them, I finally realized that they were bigger than I wanted them to be, and it was entirely my fault because they were totally the dimensions the seller verified with me. Doh! Maybe when I’m ninety I’ll finally learn to pull out a ruler when I read dimensions. >_< 3. When you start sewing down applique by first sewing over a piece of scrap fabric in order to save thread, make sure that scrap is out of the way when you get back around to the beginning.

I was good and almost finished the applique portion of the fox quilt last night! I accidentally sewed over my thread-saving fabric scrap on two trees, though.

See? And then I was lazy and just cut away most of the extra fabric instead of unpicking all those stitches. :>

And in other news…
As for the other stuff this week, I had a lot of fun mail! One was a box of pretty, solid-colored linen. I was especially looking forward to this package because it had the black linen I wanted for the zippy bag my mom requested. Isn’t my black linen pretty?

Don’t believe me?

Fabric.com’s always really nice, though — when they send me the wrong fabric, they tell me to keep it and send the correct one right away. 🙂

My other fun mail was a package of charms from crafterhours’ Spoonflower swap. I love I Spy swaps! Of course, there are always charms that aren’t my taste, which is fine — sometimes my kids like things I wouldn’t have picked out myself, and this way there will be a nice variety in our picnic blanket (which I will eventually make). What I am surprised about is when people (accidentally, I assume) buy Spoonflower fabric (which is expeeeeensive) that is very similar to much cheaper fabric. For instance, I remember seeing photorealistic prints of piles of things like marbles and crayons at my local Fabric Mart, which usually sells quilting fabric for about $5-$9 a yard. Here’s a Spoonflower charm I received:

(I knew I wasn’t going to use this in a project, so I grabbed it to practice fmq before working on the fox quilt, hehe.)

Most of the charms I received are adorable, though!

I especially love this one — I can’t wait til Mr. Yazoo (who lurrrrves Star Wars) sees it. 🙂