Apr 132015

I’ve really been loving being a part of the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild — the other ladies are so fun and kind that it’s awesome meeting up with them every month. Since I’m behind on blogging (as usual!!!), here’s some things I’ve made for OMQG events since I joined…

In December, we had a mini swap as part of our holiday party, and I made mine based on Carolyn Friedlander’s Bartow quilt. I actually got to see the Bartow quilt and other Kona anniversary quilts in person! A local fabric shop close to my work had them on display, and I wanted to visit and take pictures for our guild during my lunch hour. Since I was nervous about going and taking pictures in the shop, a fellow guildie who goes to there a lot stopped by to go in with me and make me feel better. 😀
bartow mini

I think you can see that I did matchstick quilting… even though it’s only a mini, I got SO BORED while I was quilting. I fell asleep a couple of times.
bartow mini

More recently, we finished up a Bonnie Bucket Bag sewalong. I had a smallish piece of my squirrels and hedgehogs having tea fabric left, and I wanted to use as much of it as possible, so changed my bag to have just two panels instead of three.
bonnie bag

For the exterior zipper, I left off the welt pocketiness of it — in almost all of the Bonnies I’ve seen, the welt things remind me unpleasantly of lips.
bonnie bag, back

My bag was not as impressive as others finished for the sewalong, but people seemed to get a kick out of the gnomies inside. :}
bonnie bag, inside

Finally, the quilt block due this month is for our guild quilt. The blocks had to be made using only our guild colors in solids and could be any size. I made another humuhumunukunukuapua’a; luckily, I had at least saved my initial drawing, although it didn’t have any seam lines drawn on it. I kept referring to my old blog pic while I was sewing this one, heh.
omqg humuhumunukunukuapuaa