Aug 292014

I wanted to be a poet-who-knows-it (hehehe) by titling this “Guilt quilt,” but then I found out that it has a different meaning…

Anyway! Every Christmas, we send all of Mr. Yazoo’s New York family’s presents to his grandma to hand out, and she gives them to people whenever they stop by — they don’t really do a big get-together, so I don’t feel the pressure of trying to make all the presents even. Last Christmas, I sent his grandma and cousin-by-marriage quilts, but no quilty present to his aunty. Normally it would have been okay, except that year, his grandma, aunty, and cousin actually did get together at Christmas, and they opened the presents we sent together! ARGH!!!

We’re going up to visit this fall, and in order to be able to face his aunty without shame(!!!), I planned to make a quilt to send to her before we arrive. Now it’s done, whew. (Sorry about the pictures — I took them as the sun was setting, so the colors are a little weird.)
paparazzi quilt

This is the 72″x72″ size of the paparazzi quilt. I really like it! I did accidentally make an extra block since I’m a terrible skimmer-of-instructions and the pattern set me up with 13 fqs for 26 blocks (13 of each type), and my brain didn’t engage at all to remind me that I’d only need 25 blocks for the 5×5 layout. It worked out in the end, though, cause Cosmo claimed the extra block to make a blankie for his monster.
paparazzi quilt occupied

Other than the white fabric, which I bought especially for this, I finally made stash withdrawals. (I feel like I’ve only been making stash deposits for the last six months.) The yellow bees and houses fabric has been in my stash for five years — the entire time I’ve had a stash! I managed to learn from my disaster quilt, and this time I sewed a verrry scant quarter inch for my flying geese AND remembered to trim them (doh), so putting the blocks together was relaxing and not mumble-inducing.
paparazzi quilt close up

I took the quilt sandwich to my first sew-in with the Oahu Modern Quilt Guild (we have a modern quilt guild yayayayayayayyyy!!!) and a lot of people really liked the backing, so I just thought I’d mention — it’s Dear Stella’s asterisk in multi flannel.
paparazzi quilt backing

I managed to do most of the quilting at the sew-in, and I just did easy little loopies since I wanted to get it done quickly. The other people at the sew-in were so nice and were praising my quilting; meanwhile, I was thinking, I know you guys can do much fancier quilting — this is kiddie scribble in comparison! I was happy enough that my thread hardly ever broke, and I mostly avoided having half-inch long stitches. :>
paparazzi quilt quilting

It’s such a relief having this quilt done — Mr. Yazoo’s aunty is awesome to us, and I didn’t want her to be offended. Plus, I’m happy because now my latest quilt finish is no longer that awful mess o’messy mess one! hehehe.
paparazzi quilt lotsa feet

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Jul 152014

One of my recent sewing dreams came true — I got to make a double gauze blanket for myself! Months ago, Rachael sent me some double gauze scraps in my fabric order, and the Kobayashi solids were just ridiculously soft and wonderful. I decided then that when it was time to treat myself, I’d make a tied, whole-cloth, double gauze blanket — I didn’t want seams or quilting to get in the way of the way the fabric felt. And here it is! It doesn’t look like much, but I love using it.
nani iro blanket full view

I tried to be economical since double gauze costs a little more than I usually feel like my budget can handle. It’s made out of:

  • 1.5 yards of Nani Iro’s Joy Flower — the white parts of the pattern are actually white shimmer paint! I don’t know how it’s going to like being washed, but I think I’d better remember to dry it on delicate.
  • 1 yard of the Kobayashi mustard solid
  • 2 yards of the Kobayashi blue-grey solid
  • 1 package of Quilters Dream wool batting, throw size (60″ x 60″). I bought it from Seaside Quilting, and the shop owner is crazy awesome. She included a sample card of all the different Quilters Dream battings (I LOVE that sample card!) and a little coaster kit!

nani iro blanket full view back

I thought it would be fabric-efficient to add a bit of the Joy Flower to the back in order to bring the front and back center panels to the dimensions I wanted, but that didn’t turn out to be a great idea since there’s a pretty significant difference in the way the Nani Iro and Kobayashi double gauzes feel. Nani Iro is for looks and Kobayashi is for feels. :> But since Nani Iro is for looks, I kept the selvedge on the front so I can show off (to myself) that this is my Nani Iro blankie. ;D
nani iro blanket selvedge

I forgot to get a picture of it (not that it would be super interesting), but the blue borders are mitered at the corners. I wasted significant (to me) chunks of fabric doing that, but I really like the way it looks. I’ve always thought that the pillows my sister made looked extra fancy, and I finally realized that it’s partially because she miters the corners of her borders.

This quilt is sort of tied — I used a snowflake stitch in the tie-down spots (I got a Juki F600 for my birthday, hehehe), and it’s holding up so far.
nani iro blanket fascinating backing

I’ve already got most of my supplies for my next double gauze blanket. For one thing, Glowbug keeps stealing this one. She kicks off any other blanket that I try to put on her, but when I’ve already snuggled under this one, she takes it from me! Also, it’s a little shorter than I like since I was too scroogey when I got the fabric for this one. And finally, it’s gotten a leetle bit scratchy. I think that some of the fibers of the wool batting have worked through the loose weave and are bothering me a bit. Next time, I’m going to try Quilters Dream Puff, which is even fluffier, probably just as warm, and definitely smoother-feeling. I say again: my little batting sample card is so cool!
nani iro blanket photobombed

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Sep 132013

When will I learn not to join thingy-alongs and then rush to finish by linky deadlines? Probably never. Here’s my latest disaster!
pile o mess quilt

It’s my finished quilt for the Star Surround quiltalong, and boy did I mess it up! In list form, the first of my mistakes:

  1. I was too impatient to order the background fabric I wanted (light grey), so I used a terrible combination of solids from my stash.
  2. I rushed when I made my flying geese, so they came out all funny sizes.
  3. I also was in verbatim compliance mode, so since the quiltalong instructions didn’t say to trim the flying geese, I didn’t even check to make sure they were the right size.

I was fed up with this quilt by the time the individual star blocks were done, so I decided to use it to try making a quilt-as-you-go kind of quilt for the first time. (I’m thinking of using that method for a dresden quilt I’m planning.) I also tried quilting orange peels, which was nice and easy since I was only doing one block at a time. That was actually my only success in this quilt! I used a 16 needle since I’d had problems with skipped stitches in the past, and this time I had barely any skipped stitches — the remaining ones were definitely user error, which is fine with me.
mess o quilt - quilting

Then I attached all the blocks+batting squares to make the top and:

  1. Screwed up trimming some of the batting bulk in the seams by cutting too much off.
  2. Got grouchy at Fabric Mart and chose a crazy bright pink flannel for the backing because all the other flannel looked babyish and I didn’t care about matching the back to the front anymore.
  3. (This is skipping ahead, but this is the best picture to see it in) Tried for the first time to do the kind of machine binding where you sew to the front first and then stitch in the ditch to catch the binding in the back, and mine was HORRIBLE.

mess o quilt with crazy backing

When you assemble quilts this way, you’re supposed to quilt just a couple of lines to attach the top+batting to the backing, so I did the least I figured I could get away with while making the quilt not too going-to-fall-apart-in-the-wash-ish — I sewed along both sides of the seams between the batting blocks. But!

  1. When I was pinning my big blocks together, I couldn’t see the seams (since the batting was already on), so I forgot to match up the little blocks’ seams.
  2. I somehow missed one of the big block seams and sewed a random line down the inside of one of the columns.

mess o quilt - quilting lines mistake

Bleah! I’m mad that I messed up what should have been a really cute quilt, but I’m going to think of it as my bad sewing heat sink that’s going to help me succeed in my next set of projects. Gah!
mess o quilt - cuteified

Aug 292013

I finished my August goal, so yay…
books for baby quilt

It’s quilted in a diamondish fashion, and I did manage to finish it in time for Cosmo to use it at school. I was kind of too lazy to put a label on it, but since Cosmo’s stuff is supposed to have his name on it so they don’t get mixed up with other kids’ stuff, I sewed in some twill tape with his name stamped on.
books for baby quilt close up

When I gave it to Cosmo, he flipped it over and told me the robot flannel side is the front, cause that’s the side he likes. I think the robots are cool, too, but WAH. This is what I get for not having appreciated all the stuff my mom sewed for me when I was a kid! Karmaaaaaaaaa!
books for baby quilt with kiddies!

Jul 252013

Just in time for his first birthday this weekend, I finished the quilt meant for my nephew’s actual birth! It was my July ALYoF goal and also one of my strategies for stretching my crafting money (finishing wips to stave off starting quite so many new projects).
monsterz fussy fairytales

It’s made using Kate Conklin’s Fussy Fairytales pattern. I remember that I was amazed at the neat way she has you cut fabric, but now I can’t actually remember anything about it. Hah! Since this was supposed to be a special event quilt (and also because I was more spendy then), I bought a fat quarter bundle of Monsterz just for it, and I just love the funny little ghosty guys!
monsterz fussy fairytales parachute block

I’ve been wanting to baste differently in order to save on buying spray baste (plus, the last time I spray basted, I got a blister on my finger. How ridiculous is that!), and Blair Stocker at wise craft happened to have recently posted about how she bastes with regular pins and craft foam as stoppers. It’s so awesome!
pin basting

I basted my quilt on the dining table without using clamps (I read someone else saying that the weight of the quilt hanging off the edges is enough to keep things taut; plus, I’m lazy) and it was so easy! I normally haaate basting, but this time I actually enjoyed myself. The bent sewing pins went in much, much more easily than basting safety pins, so there was no struggling with dull points, jabbing holes into the table, and ending up with great big holes in the quilt top. I also felt quite thrifty because I pulled my old, bent pins out and used those first. After those were used up, it was fun but weird to bend perfectly good straight pins!
haha bent pin

It only took half a sheet of the 6mm craft foam to stop all the pins, so that was nice and cheap, too. I never got jabbed while I was quilting the quilt, even though a couple of foam squares fell off their pins because I’d stuck them in off-center. I had fun making a temporary pincushion for my basting pins and foam bits — it looks even crazier than a normal pin cushion since the pins are bending every which way!
new basting pincushion

I finally got to try out a fancy (for me) straight-line quilting pattern! This is the pattern I wanted to use for the Full Swing quilt, but wasn’t able to mark off properly. This quilt’s small, so I was able to use my hera marker and the dining table to mark the lines. Yay! I made the lines a non-fancy inch apart so the quilt would stay squishy.
fussy fairytales back

I machine bound the quilt, and you can really see in the unevenness that I don’t like to pin in advance. Oops!fussy fairytales binding

It is now the portion of the post where I shamelessly put up pictures of my kids because there happens to be a quilt under them. Oh, oh! My excuse is that I haven’t yet figured out how to take good pictures at my parents’ house (direct sun is too bright, shade from the house is too dark, and I haven’t figured out where there’s diffused light), but I seem to have an easier time fixing pictures with a person in them. Babies are better than blank paper for white balancing?
monsterz fussy fairytales glowbug

monsterz fussy fairytales sunshine

monsterz fussy fairytales come on now

Jun 282013

After almost exactly two years, my grandma-in-law’s Full Swing quilt is finally done! Hurray!
Full Swing quilt on the clothesline

My goal this month was just to put the binding on. I was a little worried when I went to my stash to find binding fabric because I don’t have very much in that particular shade of blue, and I remembered having cut up leftovers from this quilt in order to try EPP diamonds. But I was happy when I discovered that I’d put aside some matching fabric just for the binding!
Full Swing quilt, baby included for scale

According to my notes, the quilt was supposed to have been 75″ x 90″, but it actually turned out to be about 70″ x 85″. Goodness, how did I lose five inches in both directions? In any case, I’m super happy that this is finally done. It’s so nice finishing wips! 🙂
Full Swing quilt on the wall

Mar 212013

I finished a quilt for my cousin — yay! Due to my inability to plan, I think I have enough leftover blocks to make a second quilt — boo!

It’s based on the Juicy quilt from Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe, but I didn’t follow the directions because I didn’t want to cut and piece 232 triangles. O_o Instead, I used The Sometimes Crafter’s tutorial for making pairs of hourglass blocks and Connecting Threads’ tutorial for making four flying geese blocks with no waste. Those are awesome!

However, I changed too many things at once (I also planned for 8.5″ finished blocks, instead of whatever it is the real pattern calls for), and when I laid everything out, I found out that I could make a queen-sized quilt! I revised my plan — I thought that round about 9 blocks by 7 blocks would be a good lap-sized quilt.

After I sewed the whole top together, I found out that it was now a twin-sized quilt. Dur! I took off two rows to make it a more reasonable 72″-ish square, and in the end, I had all these leftovers.

I busted out my zippity fast Juki to do the quilting, but even though I was sewing in the daytime, I felt bad about how loud it was (plus we live in the upstairs unit of a townhouse), so I only quilted very lightly along the diagonal lines. Then, over the next couple of days, I hand-quilted around the print squares. I normally use just a soft leather thimble, but it was really not up for hand quilting, and it developed holes. I have two black spots in my finger now from when the back of my needle poked through and pushed some of the thimble fibers in! I didn’t want to wait a week for a new thimble from Amazon, so I went to my local craft store to get a coin thimble, where it cost twice as much. Gahhhh!

Some of the light neutrals are Essex linen, and I really like the texture and heavier feel it got after I washed the quilt. If I ever get rich, I’d like to make a quilt all out of Essex linens. Oh, and a quilt out of double gauze and voile, while I’m in wish land.

I made this for my cousin who’s having chemotherapy, since I read that it can get chilly during the sessions. I hope he thinks the green and yellow color scheme is cheery in a guy-ly way!

Jan 202012

This quilt took longer to finish than I had expected, mainly because I was a procrastinatron. But it’s done now, yay! Except that when I showed it to Mr. Yazoo and my mom, they seemed rather underwhelmed, shucks.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s from Kajsa Wikman’s cute Scandinavian Stitches. I fmq-ed clouds on the top as she suggested, but I did wavy lines on the bottom instead of stars since it made more sense to me (stars don’t go on the ground, yo).

I free-motioned the birdies, too, but I didn’t trust myself on the fox and outlined that by hand. The fabric for the tree on the very left is actually the wrong side of some quilters’ tweed! I really need to buy more dark value greens.

You know, while I’m making quilts, I think of tons of things I want to write about, but when it’s time to actually post pictures, I forget everything I wanted to say! Anyhoo, I’m linking to Crazy Mom Quilts’ Finish It Up Friday. 🙂

Edit: I’m also linking up to From the Blue Chair’s January Slash the Stash because I made this all from my stash! I didn’t have orange fabric for the fox, so I used red and I think it’s close enough. Also, the backing’s pretty funny-looking — I used leftovers from the flannel I used for my dad’s quilt, and I had gotten that really on sale, so it’s not a super attractive print. No one should be looking at the back, anyway! :>

Dec 072011

This past weekend, we were invited to Mr. Yazoo’s sister’s friend’s son’s first birthday party. :> I’ve been feeling a bit of a pinch since I went kind of crazy with the after-Thanksgiving sales, so I made a superfast quilt (two days!) to go along with a little bit of money for our present.

It’s 40″x50″ because that was the size batting I had left over from my tree pants. I also used more of the same flannel as my dad’s quilt and I pin basted (as opposed to spray basting), so I felt very thrifty. Maybe I should be embarrassed that I’m so thrilled about saving money on a present…

Since the quilt was so simple, I tried to spruce it up a little with more stamping.

I was in a rush, so I machine bound the quilt. It was my first time! I used Crazy Mom Quilts’s terrific method of attaching the binding to the back, first. This way, the front looked tidy and the back wasn’t too bad!

Please excuse my tasteless glee over saving money — I do have a point! :} I was super happy because, using yazoomath, I saved us $60 by making this quilt. Then right after I finished it, I found out about a fantastic sale at Drygoods Design and spent over half of that! >_< But how could I not? It's 40% off your fabric order $40+ with code HOLIDAY40 (through 12/14) PLUS free shipping! Please to enjoy. 🙂

Dec 022011

I fiiiiiiinished! Yay! It was a lot cooler-looking in my head, but Katy said to pretend that you’re blind and your horse has the trots, and it’ll be okay. :>

In this picture, you can see the wonnnnky circle fmq-ing that I tried to hide in my last WIP post. I washed the quilt before I took the picture in the hopes that the crinkles would mask it a little. Oh, but I was happy about my new gardening fmq gloves: $1.20 at the grocery store, and they worked wonderfully!

I forgot to take a close-up picture of the binding, but I had fun with it: in each color chunk, I found a similarly-colored scrap, chopped the chunk, and sewed the scrap in. I was sad that my grey binding strip didn’t make it in — it had the Pac Man ghosties that are also in my dad’s potholders (this quilt is for him).

Thanks, Kate and Kristie for hosting this wonderful quilt-along! This is definitely a block I’ll be coming back to!

Oooh… I’m also linking to Crazy Mom Quilts’s Finish It Up Friday since I really did just finish it. :}