Dec 012016

I love looking at other people’s beautifully-sewn clothes for their children, especially when they use gorgeous fabric like Nani Iro double gauze(!!), but for my own kids, I only have the patience to make quick things that make me giggle because they’re matching, and are relatively cheap because they’re made of knits or scraps from something I’ve made myself. I’m too selfish to make them clothes out of pretty fabric that I don’t get to wear!

During one of Craftsy’s many sales, I suckered myself into buying some Ann Kelle remix hearts on interlock knit. I knew it would look super cute on Glowbug, and I ignored the feeling that it would be a little ridiculous on me. (I was right though — it’s very loud on me!)

I made Glowbug’s dress using the adorable Sew Straight & Gather Legends pattern. I was excited about the neat collar, and I really wanted to make the drop-waisted dress version. The pattern explicitly said that it’s meant for 4-way stretch knits, but I went ahead with my 2-way knit since that’s what I had, dagnabbit!

sew straight and gather legends dress

The pattern wasn’t kidding, of course. I couldn’t get the dress over Glowbug’s head, and I had to unpick and resew the neckline to give her just enough space to get her head through. Luckily, Glowbug thinks it’s funny when the dress gets stuck on her head going on and coming off.

(Also matchy in this picture is my Plantain tee.)

legends dress and plantain tee

I made two other matching shirts while I was slogging through the eight thousand muslins I made for the Willow tank (because I was working off the wrong size, doh). This one is E & E Patterns’ Bubble Pocket Top. It’s super cute, especially because Glowbug stuffs her pockets with so many things.

I have a bad habit of pfft-ing at lots of kids’ patterns instructions because I’ve encountered a bunch with junk finishing instructions and weird drafting. I know that I don’t know a lot about apparel sewing, but I’m pretty sure that armscyes shouldn’t form a point when they meet at the seam! (To be clear, I’m not talking specifically about this pattern [because it’s been so long since I made it that I can’t remember {but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this pattern that had that problem <if anything, this one might have made a vee at the armscye, but I really can’t remember>}].) Anyway, the Bubble Top’s instructions mentioned that you might want to serge all (or most? it’s been a while) of the raw edges before starting, and I pfft-ed at that since it’s a lined top and I figured everything would be enclosed. But it turned out that the bottom of the lining hangs free, so the raw edges aren’t so much enclosed. Oops! Now I know for next time.

(Also matchy matchy in this picture are my (too-small) Willow tank, Chardon skirt, and Glowbug’s mini Tania culottes.)

E & E bubble top

This last one is a Simple Life Pattern Company Molly top made with scraps of kitties, coral rayon challis, and lined with bits of leftover super soft Italian cotton. Can you tell that wish this was for me?

The coral rayon challis is actually from a completely failed muslin of the Willow tank. I was surprised at how hard it was to get scraps out of the top — I only barely salvaged enough for the skirty part of Glowbug’s shirt, and I had to add a seam in the back.

(Another matchy Willow tank.)

simple life pattern company molly top

Oct 032015

I’m posting over at imagine gnats today about my favorite things to wear: basics! I just realized that I forgot to mention the sizes I sewed on my imagine gnats blog post, so I’ll note them here. :}

I made a Deer & Doe plantain tee (size 36, Art Gallery strawberry, no alterations) and Sewaholic’s Thurlow shorts (size 4, Kaufman houndstooth twill, increased crotch depth and length by 1/4″ on both the front and back pattern pieces, but that didn’t really work out).
plantain tee and thurlow shorts

And then I also got to make Jamie Christina’s Mission Maxi tank (size 4 bust graded to size 10 waist and hip, Art Gallery air brush flight) and Megan Nielsen’s Brumby skirt (size S, Kaufman Swiss dot chambray, version 3 with version 2’s pockets).
mission maxi tank, brumby skirt, uptown/downtown tank

Finally, I made Glowbug a matching outfit with leftovers! 😀 😀 😀 For her tank, I used Sew Straight & Gather’s Uptown/Downtown dress with no sleeves, and I straightened out the sides since it flares out going into the skirt. Her skirt is a simple gathered pair of rectangles… somehow, I thought it would be more flarey if I put two layers of Swiss dot and one layer of lining, but you can’t even tell that the extra layers are there. hah!
matchy matchy!

More information (and nicer pictures) are on the imagine gnats blog, so maybe go take a peeky… 🙂