May 292013

I finally finished Phuong’s photography block for Piece Bee! Gahhhh!

It’s based on the diagram for camera obscuras… and, of course, I forgot to reverse it when I was making it up. Whoops!

I did end up using freezer paper templates and kind of EPP-ing the box together, which was a lot less stressful than trying to foundation piece it (it was so not stressful that I was dozing off while I was hand sewing!), but probably a foundation pieced version would have been a lot more crisp. I had to just get it done, though, because I’ve been putting it off for a long while!

I’m linking to the fantabulous ALYoF, and here’s my goal setting post for this month.

Apr 142013

I finally finished Katy’s view master block for our Piece Bee. Yay…?
viewmaster block

I’d meant to catch up with the bee in order, but I was having a mental block on (poor, diligent, completely-on-time-for-everyone-else) Phuong’s camera block because I had drawn the design with a ton of Y-seams, so I skipped to this nice and no-brain-power-requiring block. Also, I felt very guilty since I kept reading how Katy received very few blocks. :> But the good thing is that the view master’s instructions made me realize that I could put together the camera block with less stress by using freezer paper and hand sewing it like an English paper piecing thingy! Wahooble!

May 022012

April’s Piece Bee theme was cold and flu, and I sure had a tough time thinking of what to do. I forced my family to help me brainstorm ideas, and my husbo really wanted me to do Grandpa’s cough medicine, but I chickened out. :> I ended up using his other idea of breakfast in bed.

… aaaaand, done!

Apr 012012

Bee blocks at the last minute!

Gimmeh cat for Piece Bee — I’m afraid it doesn’t really look like what Jacqueline was expecting when she asked for a cat block, but hopefully it makes her laugh!

Lemons and Limes from Modern Blocks for Sew Bee Joyful:

Front and Center from Modern Blocks — I ran my rotary cutter smack into my finger when I was squaring up the HSTs! >_<

Siggy block to go along with the flying geese block for February:

… and dunzors!

Feb 292012

Sorta! My computer, she is borken, and Mr. Yazoo is still slowly fixing her. (Even though I work in IT, I make Mr. Yazoo fix our home computers. Hah! Can I say that it’s like how chefs usually eat tv dinners at home? Or is that bad since I’m no IT chef? :D) It’s a pain getting pictures off our camera with any of the other computers, but I finally did it because my Piece Bee block is due and I didn’t want my bee-mate to worry. Plus, I wanted to show off that I mailed it off a whole day before the end of the month! Booyah.

So this month’s theme was tropical fishies, which I must say is an evil, evil theme. (Sorry, Lynne! :} ) It did force me to make something I never ever ever never would have attempted on my own, though. Yay, personal growth?! I made a humuhumunukunukuapua’a, and I was so glad that Mr. Yazoo suggested it because they’re surprisingly angular. Yay!

As you can see, I’m still bad at planning out how my backgrounds should come out. I spend a ton of time making my initial drawing, then I spend a little time trying to draw my sewing lines, and then I get impatient and just cut up my paper and draw lines right before I sew, which is why the background looks all crazy. Also, when people ask for untrimmed blocks, boy do I leave them untrimmed! This is how it looks, zoomed out. Heh, heh, heh.

And here’s my quickie wibbly-wobbly siggy block. It’s in the mail, yo!

Jan 312012

I was paralyzed with indecision most of this month, so put off my Piece Bee block til this past Sunday. Mid-century modern things are super fun to look at, but I got overwhelmed with all the choices. >_< In the end, I decided to make chairs with curves; hopefully it's okay that I appliqued the curvy bits on!

These are so plain that I totally went for the cheerleader effect and tried to make them more appealing in a group. At first, I thought I would put them together in one block, but then I waffled since Charlotte linked to a really cool quilt that had single chairs in frames, and now I’m leaving it up to Deborah.

I also made the saddest little signature block. I had stayed up so late to make the chairs that I knew I wouldn’t be able to sew the next night, and I wanted to get this done so that I would be able to get everything finished on time.

I’m very not pleased with myself! Poor Deborah gets the results of my badbadbad procrastinatey month, but next month I’ll be better. I’m going to start my scary February fish block at the beginning of the month! Argh!

Nov 282011

On Thanksgiving morning, I woke up and realized that I didn’t have a holiday outfit for Sunshine. Whoops! Poor second baby! So Mr. Yazoo wrangled the kiddos while I made this:

I totally copied the google turkey. :} Oh, and I almost misspelled “daddy!” See?

On Saturday, I finished my Piece Bee With You block. I used Katy’s tip to use one of the templates to cut out all the pieces with a half inch margin, which was awesome. I was able to chain piece my four quadrants!

My dad-in-law made me an extension table a little while ago, which I love using, especially when piecing stuff like this. I put a light under it and was able to see through the foundation paper pretty handily!

(The lower left corner isn’t broken — larger projects were getting caught on it, so I asked my dad-in-law to make it less corner-ey.)

I made my signature block using my new copy of Modern Blocks. (I was a little disappointed when I saw some slightly old-fashioned looking fabrics used for the sample blocks — I’m not very good at imagining things in different fabric combos so I love samples that use fabric I already like — but overall I think this book is fantastic!) It’s just a leeeetle too big, but hopefully Alisha won’t mind!

Oct 102011

I stayed up way too late on Saturday night (til 6:30 am on Sunday!) in order to finish my October block for the Pice Bee With You bee, but now it’s done and I’m so relieved!

When the queen bees asked if we all wanted to make this a one or two-block-a-month bee, I had said that two would be fine with me, but I’m glad that more sensible heads prevailed. This block made me tired! I’m a champ at making simple things take forever. For instance, I sewed:

  • the topmost seam three times
  • the left flower leaf FOUR times
  • the seam between the legs and the shoes twice
  • the sleeved arm twice

… and that’s just what I can remember through the intervening haze of two days!

On the other hand, I had fun making the pattern for this block. I need to get better at seeing how to sew it together without cutting the paper up into a majillion bits — that probably kind of defeats the purpose. 😀