Jun 092013

Goodness! I was lazily catching up on a little blog reading, and then I realized that the zakka-along I had been waiting months for had started this past week, and today was the last day to make the bell pepper coasters, which were the thing I liked the most from Ayumi‘s book!

Half of my sewing supplies are still at our old house (my batting scraps! my scrap-scraps!) and I’m currently iron-less (my husband dropped it when we were moving stuff), but patchwork is supposed to be about making do with what you have, right? So I quickly made just one coaster before the kids woke up.
bell pepper coaster
(I also don’t have my camera here, so that’s an iPod pic, and my computer’s not hooked up yet, so there’s no nice touching up of thingies on my parents’ computer. Wha-pow!)

This is such a fun, easy pattern! Ayumi’s construction method is brilliant and painless — I probably finished this in under an hour (I’m a very slow sewerer, so that’s amazing for anything I do), even though I was grabbing sewing supplies from all kinds of crazy places and finger-pressing and generally acting like a headless chicken. 😀

I wish I could find the nice picture link thingy to the sew-along, but my kids are seriously threatening to wake up, so I must post now. Blammo!

Edit: Well shucks, I missed the linky by 15 minutes! I think I’m going to console myself with a little shopping therapy (I need a new iron, after all), and at least I have a cute new coaster out of it. 😀