Jan 242013

I had fun sewing a bunch of little things over the holiday weekend, but my brain was totally broken!

First, I made my cousin his zippered kleenex cases. I was all proud of myself for thinking of stamping his initials on the twill tab… but his initials are KF, not KW! Doh!!!
KF's zippered kleenex cases

Then I made a munster for my little cousin. That went fine — I made her the purple one, and the green one is actually Sunshine’s Christmas present that I hadn’t taken a picture of before. (Sunshine’s does have a big mistake, though: the tutorial tells you to put the zipper pocket fabric the wrong way up initially [it should be right side down], and I hadn’t sewn in months, so I didn’t remember that it was wrong til too late.)

After that, I made a bunch of mini pleated pouches.
mini pleated pouches

I bought the pattern and a bunch of pearl snaps on Michelle’s $5 Fridays and thought it would be cute to use the snaps on some of the pouches. But I wasted at least four snaps because I kept installing them wrong! Quite a while ago, I treated myself to a prong snap installation kit:
snap installation kit
… and somehow got it into my head that I was supposed to use the long metal bit to pound in the socket part of the snap. Well, that widened and ruined the snaps I tried to put into my pleated pouches. (What am I supposed to use that metal bit for, anyway?) After some dithering about whether to buy snap pliers, I finally remembered my original snap installation tool: the unbeatable empty thread spool. That worked perfectly! So, note to myself: these are the best snap tools evar:
best snap tools

Finally, I made my mom a mouse pincushion. I had mentioned that I’d finally found crushed walnut shells at the pet store, and my mom said she’d like a pin-sharpening pincushion. Amazingly, I didn’t make any mistakes on this one! 😀
mouse pincushion

And that was my very fun, broken brain, holiday weekend sewing!

May 142012

My mom was feeling junky earlier last week, and in trying to think of something that might help, I remembered that I’d bookmarked a tutorial for a hot or cold rice bag thingy. Since she got better before I got a chance to make one, I gave it to her for one of her Mothers’ Day presents.

The reason it took me so long to make these is that I used buckwheat (which I had to go get) instead of rice (which I have in the house) — when I was pregnant, I hated the smell of cooking rice, so I wanted to avoid that since my mom mentioned that when she feels nauseated she sometimes gets hypersensitive about smells. I bought a whole lot of loose cardamom at the same time as the buckwheat though, so it’s slightly cardamom-scented, whoops! But cardamom smells good!

The bottom one was for my mom, and I used Wild Olive’s super cute baby and mama sloth pattern. The top one was for my sister-in-law; the gnome is from Lark Cottons. (Can I just say? Lark Cottons is awesome! I ordered my fabric in the middle of the night — basically on Friday morning — and then I got my fabric on Saturday! I made my purchase when they were having a free-fat-quarter-with-your-order thingy, and she took the time to choose one that went with the stuff I ordered [I ordered three pezzy prints, and she gave me a fq of that in a different color]. And the fabric cuts were really nice and straight, andand the store’s shopping cart is fantastic. I’m a sucker for good site design.)

I only gave my sister-in-law the buckwheat pillow, so I made a drawstring bag to make it a little fancier. The attached taggy card things have instructions for heating (microwave for 1 to 1 1/2 minutes with a small cup of water alongside), instructions for cooling (stick it in the freezer, heh), and a warning (don’t put it on your eyes if it’s too hot, yo!). When I was reading up on these, I read a surprising number of cautionary comments — people who microwaved their bags for FIVE minutes and were surprised when they got burnt, and someone who enjoyed having the heat pack on her eyes, but then had fuzzy vision for two weeks afterwards. Yeesh!

Edit: I’m linking to Clover and Violet’s Summertime Adventures linky for projects on the go. Embroidery is great to carry around with you! In fact, I almost never embroider at home — I mainly do it at work (during lunch! not when I’m supposed to be working!). 😀