Apr 042017

I made a bunch of clothes since last year, so I’m catching up!

McCall’s 6648 — it’s so cute on the pattern envelope! Mine didn’t turn out quite as nice, and I think it’s because I chose a too-large size. I like it from the back when I stand like this!

From the front, though, I feel a little linebackery. Also, I feel a little silly about the collar, even though I bet I’d like it on someone else.

Glowbug’s annual matchy Christmas Uptown/Downtown dress made from Girl Charlee fabric — I’m still getting my money’s worth out of this pattern!

Glowbug and my mom wore matching outfits on Christmas, complete with wrapping paper skirts!

Megan Nielsen Harper shorts — I made these for the imagine gnats blog. Even though I was a little unsure about these at first, now I wear them all the time! They’re so comfy. And I just realized that the reason I’ve been getting a funny wrinkle in the front might be because I sometimes sew my shorts seam in a non-ideal order: sometimes I sew the crotch curve first, and then the inseam second. I also just serge really close instead of clipping the curves because I saw that RTW things are made that way, but I thiiiink that only works well if you sew the inseam first and then the crotch curve. I plan to test this out the next time I make shorts!

MHC Julia cardigan — I made this pattern once years ago, but this was the first time I’ve ever sewn a sweater knit. I used 1″ seam allowances and found a narrow zig zag setting that made my seams look okay, but I was a little sad that the seams definitely didn’t stretch as much as the fabric. Is there a stretchy sewing machine bobbin thread I should be using, like wooly nylon serger thread?

Since I read a sweater knit tip that warned that ironing might smash the nice sweater knit texture, I didn’t press this too much. Then I worried that the shawl collar wouldn’t lay nicely along the seam, so I topstitched it. I’m not sure if that that was a good decision, but either way, I’m sure my sister won’t mind. Oh, and the wrinkles in the middle of the shawl collar are from the sweater sitting all crumpled up for a few days before I pulled it out to take pictures. I’m not used to knits wrinkling so easily!

Megan Nielsen Flint shorts (which I bought the day it was released!) and Burda Style cowl tee

First, the cowl tee — I like this a lot! I think I need to make a larger size and reduce the cowl drape if I make it again, though.

Next the Flint shorts — I definitely love these! Even though I was too lazy to make a muslin, I tried really hard to patiently follow the Pants for Real People instructions. I tissue fit my shorts first (with the waist elastic and everything!), then cut them out with 1″ seam allowances in some places, and made sure to baste the bits that I was supposed to baste. However, I made a fitting mistake early on and never got quite enough room in the back after that. This is why I should make a bunch of shorts in a row — to keep things I learn in my head and get everything straight — but I don’t have the attention span for that!

Ooh, but I did learn from my Harper shorts, and I extended the rear darts 1″, which I think mostly fixed the pooling at the dart ends.

It makes sense, but I think it’s funny that there’s a big hole in my left pocket (since that’s where the button opening is). I get worried when Glowbug tries to stick her hand in my left pocket — what if she yanks and rips my shorts!

Funnily, I’ve been wearing my Flint shorts less often than my Harper shorts. I think it’s because I think my Flints are cuter so I’m more precious about making sure I’m wearing them in a nicer ensemble (as in, with a tucked in tshirt), whereas I’ll just throw on my Harpers with whatever any day. So silly!