Sep 282016

Here’s the quilt I made because I wanted to play with my Bloc Loc HST ruler. I love this ruler! (Also, I love chain piecing and HSTs.)

beachy HST quilt

The whole top is made from fabric from a kit for Emily Cier’s Chi quilt. I bought it mainly because I wanted the book of patterns, and then I also thought it was cute that some of the shapes looked like shaved ice cones. But when I opened the kit and read the instructions that said to interface the five charm packs of white squares, I knew that wasn’t happening!

beachy HST quilt

Inspired by Susan Kephart’s random vector quilt, I did a low-tech version by first laying out all of my HST units so that blocks with the same colors weren’t too close together. Then I numbered the four orientations that HST units can take (1-4) and used on my phone to choose the unit layouts as I sewed rows together.

beachy HSTs close

I’m all out of order, but trimming the HST units was so fun (I know, I’m a dork!) with the bloc loc ruler. Being able to quickly set the diagonal ridgey bit against the HST seam makes trimming go by much faster!

beachy HST quilt

The quilt ended up pretty big — it used 12 charm packs, so about 79″ x 90″. I gave it to my father-in-law, and I was so happy when he said he liked it because it reminded him of the quilts his grandma used to make! 🙂

Jun 162016

I really appreciated Cosmo’s first grade teacher this year — she emailed the parents all the time, which meant that I actually knew what was going on. Cosmo hardly ever remembered to tell us stuff… which is normal, right? 😀

Since I was in a quilty mood, I made an Arrowhead quilt for her end of year present. The pattern is great! The design is obviously fantastic, and the instructions were really nice — it includes efficient cutting layouts for using fat quarters for all three sizes of the quilt. (I used yardage, though, so I didn’t have to pay attention to those.)
Initial K Studio - Arrowhead quilt

Since it’s mostly HSTs, I got to use my Bloc Loc ruler again (I haven’t gotten pictures of the first quilt I used it on, yet). I LOVE this ruler! Since I’m a cheapie, I only have one — the 6.5″, which was the biggest size that I saw on sale at the time. The next time I have to make flying geese, I’m going to get one of those rulers, too! I can’t do the same thing as with the HST ruler and just use the biggest flying geese ruler for all size blocks though, can I?

I actually spent quite a bit of time planning how I was going to straight-line quilt this. I drew a whole bunch of options on my computer and kept bugging Mike to help me decide. But then after I quilted all of one set of diagonal lines on the quilt, I got impatient to be done and stopped. hah!

When I was squaring it up, I found out that all that diagonal quilting had pulled the quilt very not square. (The flimsy had right angle corners, I promise.) Oops! That didn’t make me go back and try to fix it by quilting in the other direction, though — I just took my lesson and went on with binding.

Initial K Studios - Arrowhead quilt

After the school year had ended, Cosmo’s teacher mailed us a really nice thank you note… which inspired us to actually remember to make the kids write thank you notes to their great-grandma for a present box she had recently sent. See, such a great teacher — teaching the parents, even!