Jun 202016

Sunshine’s teachers are awesome too, so I wanted to make (smaller) presents for them (and I supplemented them with gift cards since they’d probably like that best, heh). I have a bunch of largish canvas scraps left over from various weekenders and poolside totes, so I thought I’d make pouches out of those, and to make them a little more fun, I made them with two zippers. First, I made a quick prototype without any fiddly zipper tab bits. It was nice and fast to sew, but the top corners are obviously not great.

double zip pouch, prototype

Then I made a better pair that had all the zipper end tabs. Those top corners came out great! I also entertained myself by making different zipper pull setups for each pouch.

double zip pouch, tigers

After that, I got tired of my “mass” production, and I took a break by making the preschool administrator a grocery bag.

michelle patterns easy grocery bag, horsies

With my energy refreshed, I was able to finish the last two pouches. Isn’t that star split ring fun? I had completely forgotten that I had them, but found them when I was scrounging around after I realized that I’d run out of regular split rings. (The squid zipper pulls came in my orders from zipit.)

double zip pouch, arches

Here’s another picture of the zipper tabs… I was so pleased at how they turned out! For these, I just cut the zipper so they wouldn’t have to be sewn into the corners (they’re cut off right after the zipper tab topstitching), and I really trimmed the pouch corners close to the seam.

double zip pouch, zipper tabs

I’m sloooowly improving my wrapping game — I at least put these in bags (although they were an assortment of paper bags from stores like Bath & Body Works) and put tags on them. I didn’t put any tissue paper in, though. My excuse was that I put the recipients’ names on paper tags that I pinned to the pouches, and I had to be able to see in to know who to have Sunshine give them to! ;D