Sep 222011

First up, a needle book for my sewing machine needles!

Up til now, I had an unnervingly disorganized storage system for my machine needles; it was something like:

  • Used, weird-sized, non-jeans needles were in the same tiny tupperware as my filled bobbins
  • Jeans needles, both used and new, were in the little paper package I bought them in
  • Old standard needles for foundation piecing were in one paper package
  • Brand-new standard needles were in a different paper package
  • My current used-but-not-old-enough-to-use-for-foundation-piecing needle always got put back in my machine so I knew where it was

Then since I wanted to make a sock skellington and so was going to open up a package of ball point needles, I neurotically needed to make a machine needle book to organize everything, first. Aheh.

I used two charms that I got from Hoosier Toni in Stitchery Dickory Dock’s Feeling Fussy Modern Fabric Swap. At first, I just wanted to keep them whole since the prints are so cute, but then I scolded myself that I must be bold! Must cut fabric! Thus, the super duper exciting exterior you see above.

I sewed pieces of ziploc bag on the inside to make pockets into which I could slip scraps of paper for keeping track of what needles were on which page. And then the part of me that is ever so slightly OCD breathed a sigh of relief. Machine needles organized, yay!

Next, a couple more baby squishies and a ribbon blankie for Mr. Yazoo’s expecting cousin. This time, I’m making tags for them so that his cousin knows they’re machine washable and such. I think it’s really cute when I receive Etsy stuff with nice wrapping and tags and things, but I’m too cheap to really put any money into making my own; this one’s made out of a Jamba Juice paper bag. (I haven’t put tags on the other two because I can’t remember what the baby’s name is going to be — the big squishie is for baby’s older brother.)

Finally, thank you to Crafty Staci, who sent me a super cute tea cup cozy thingoo since I was one of the winners of her giveaway! By this point, Cosmo was really antsy and kept grabbing things I was trying to take pictures of, so this is the best picture I could get of the cup cozy. 😀

Aug 052011

I won the random giveaway for the July Bloggers’ Dinner Party at Needle and Spatula! Kate sent me this awesome prize from her stash:
July Bloggers' Dinner Party prize :)
These are all terrific fabrics! I love them all, and those big rainbow dots put a huge smile on my face as soon as I saw them. And how perfect to win a table runner pattern for a dinner party giveaway, huh? Thanks, Kate!

In other mail news, I also got my Kakashi shirt in the mail!
Kakashi shirt
(Ooh, I took a bad picture.) I’m going to turn this into a pillow for when my husband and I are watching Naruto episodes… hehe.

Jun 142011

A couple of weeks ago, I won the weekly giveaway at Quilt Taffy on a day when they ran a sale in their ebay shop and I bought stuff. They figured out that I was both the nut who made two separate orders from their store and the person who won, opened up the box of fabric they were about to ship, and put my giveaway prize in. How cool is that?

I got some red trim, Tombo glue, fantastic blue bag handles (I can’t wait to figure out how to use them), and a Ready, Set, Snow charm pack. I’m planning to use the charm pack for a Christmas present quilt for my cousin.

Thanks, Corrie and Des!