Jul 122013

Yes, I am inflicting yet another gadget case on you! My uncle just got himself a new Nook, and he was carrying it around in a plastic grocery bag. My mom offered him one of her Le Sportsac bags, which he shockingly declined, saying it was too girly. Soon after that, he invited everyone out to dim sum (YAY), so I attempted to make him a less girly gadget case as a thank you present. It is so manly, in fact, that I had Sunshine help model it to try to prevent you from falling right to sleep.
manly gadget case haha

It’s made of linen (being gray ups the testosterone points), canvas duck (practically from Lowe’s), and a Parson Gray print (manly fabric designed by a man). You can see that my top stitching is nothing to rave about, but (to make myself feel better,) I read someone’s opinion that top stitching twill is to be avoided. I did notice that the top stitching on the linen side came out much nicer.
gadget case inside

I had to take it apart and adjust things because it was initially a little too small, but lucky for me, I had practice doing that from the last time my dad asked me to adjust his gadget case. Sunshine approves of me getting over myself.
gadget case and Sunshine

Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts’ Finish It Up Friday!

Jan 272013

I finished my dad’s passport document folder! Huzzah! Because of the cross-stitching, I figure it took me about 47 hours. O_o
11 doctors passport folder, exterior

I used the Wanderlust Pocketbook pattern from Everyday Handmade. It makes a super cute document folder, but the instructions have a couple of errors in them. For one, it tells you to cut the exterior fabric and the exterior’s interfacing an inch too narrow. For two (heh), it only reminds you in the instructions about applying about half of the interfacing pieces — you have to remember yourself to apply the other ones. Fortunately, I always apply my interfacing before sewing anything, but if any novice sewerers just went through and followed the instructions, they’d be sad at the end when they had leftover interfacing pieces.

Anyhoo, the waste canvas that I used to get the cross-stitching done was so neat! I just had to spray it with water, and the canvas threads came out pretty easily. You may notice in the picture below that the Tardis is on a different side than in the finished passport document folder. I ended up having to cut it apart in order to get the Tardis in a better place, so that’s why I wasn’t too upset when I found out that I also had to add width to the exterior because of the error in the book.
11 Dr Whos, removing the waste canvas

The inside of the passport folder has a whole lot of cute pockets for all kinds of stuff. My dad figured out that his Nexus 7 fit into the ticket pocket!
11 doctors passport folder, interior

I’m so glad this is done! I paid cash (er, PayPal) munee for that Dr. Who pattern, so I’m happy that it didn’t languish with the other patterns I’ve paid for and have yet to use. 😀 Thanks, Shanna and Melissa, for spurring me to finish this!
11 doctors passport folder, front close up
11 doctors passport folder, back close up

May 172012

My dad asked me to make a case for the Nook he got for a surprise present for my mom. It was really cute — he slipped me a paper with the dimensions as I was dropping off the kids and whispered that he wanted me to make a case for it. But my parents share their email accounts, and my mom saw the shipping notification before my dad could delete it! Aw!

I used my favorite reader case tutorial to make this, and the fabric is one of the pieces I ordered to make my mom’s birthday present but had ended up not using. I realized after I had cut it that I should have fussy-cut the front. Whoops! I kind of like that Red Riding Hood is chasing the wolf this way, though. :} I didn’t put a button on the flap because my dad likes to rest his Kobo on his case while he reads, and I thought my mom might pick up that habit and then a button would get in the way.

I’m linking to Clover and Violet’s Summertime Adventures. Now both my parents have e-readers, but Mr. Yazoo and I don’t! I prefer real books, but I might like a tablet so I can play Kingdom Rush on it. ;> Cosmo would probably just steal it from me, though!

Dec 122011

My dad just ordered himself the cheapest e-reader he could find, which is apparently a refurbished Kobo. New gadgets are super fun, but I still like real books. :> I bet my dad will love it, though, since he always brought a book to read while my mom, sister, and I shopped. Anyhoo, I made a case for his Kobo using Fresh Lemons Quilts’ super cute tutorial. Think it looks guy-ly enough?

It was awesome that Faith mentioned how to size the case to your own gadget since I didn’t have a Kobo to measure; hopefully it’ll fit with the dimensions I looked up online! If I ever make this again, I’ll try to remember to sew the velcro onto the top of the pocket earlier on — I waited till the end, and since the case is kind of small, I had to hand-sew the velcro on because I couldn’t wrangle it nicely under my machine. The needle-rocking technique I learned when I hand-quilted my tree pants came in handy!

I bet you’re thinking, what a cool green fabric! Right? I won it and some other fat quarters from Sew Lux Fabric in a giveaway at Echinops & Aster! Chrissy wrapped it so nicely that even Mr. Yazoo admired it.

I got to choose what fabric I wanted, and one of them was that fantastic apple crossweave I used in the Kobo case. It’s pretty and has a nice weight!

Thank you, Jenelle and Chrissy!