Jan 182012

I got very little done this past week, boo! I was sleepy, or something — I’d stay up to sew one night, then sleep through the next night, which meant I only sewed three nights. It’ll be nice when I can take advantage of caffeine pills and ZipFizz again, heh, heh, heh.

In Progress

Fox quilt
I did the quilting this week, and I fmq-ed the clouds that Kajsa Wikman suggested. They’re super cute! I was so mad while I was quilting, though! Some of my clouds came out okay:

Pretty frequently, though, I’d get skipped stitches. I’m almost positive that it was particularly when I was pulling the fabric straight towards me — maybe it was pulling the needle too far out of whack.

At first, when I got skipped stitches, I’d stop, rip some out, and start over to fix the bad bit. Then I got grouchy and either left them in or went back over them in a scribble:

I was getting super frustrated because, other than the skipped stitches, I thought my stitch length looked pretty okay. Booooo.


The only thing I finished this week was this pair of silly bunnies. Cosmo misplaced his and kept trying to steal Sunshine’s, so I made him a new one. The other is for Dawnybear.

This is not really germane, but my mom’s cute plant that was in the picture of my first set of bunnies was stolen (along with a bunch of other plants) on Christmas night! Meanies!

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