Jun 152011

I picked a new fabric for the Gen X Quilter Spoonflower swap because it was the duplicate of someone else’s choice. That’ll teach me to buy swap fabric before the Flickr group is set up! It’s nice learning new things, though, and learning how swaps work is really fun. So here’s my new choice:
Little Monsters fabric by lulakiti

And now I get to keep that yard of geek book fabric for myself! Win!

Jun 142011

Last night I woke up to do a little sewing, but got caught up reading blogs… and it’s a good thing I did or I would have missed being able to sign up for Gen X Quilters’ Spoonflower fabric swap!

I was super excited and signed up as quickly as I could. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the post very thoroughly and asked a question that was already answered in it. Hopefully no one will hold it against me! I spent the next couple of hours (whoops!) looking at Spoonflower fabrics until I finally found the absolute perfect one for me:
Nerd Books.

It’s awesome! Books! With glasses! Unfortunately, since I just ordered it, I don’t have a picture of it, but here’s a recreation:

Gen X Quilters