Sep 242013

… but I still ended up making my niece’s presents the night before. It was crazy — I was sewing the binding down while we were driving to see her, and Mr. Yazoo stopped in an elementary school parking lot so that I could take pictures (hehehe) before he wrapped the presents. But backing up —

Her first present was a devourer monster pillow. This thing is hilarious!
monster pillow

It was really fast to make (if you don’t count having to vacuum up all the loose fun fur afterwards, hah). For a 20″ pillow form, I might want to add an inch or two to the top piece next time, since this one just barely covered up the opening. Nom!
monster pillow, to scale

Just a pillow didn’t seem like enough, so after finishing the pillow (at 3 am), I decided to make her an art portfolio thingy. Should be just as quick, right? I mean, after how many years of sewing, I should be able to jam that out, yeah? NO. I am not fast, especially when making all kinds of whatever with no pattern. Gah.
art folder, front

It’s made to fit an 8″x10″ sketch pad because I had two 7.5″x11″ flexible food-cutting boards laying around. That missing half inch isn’t important, right? YES, that missing half inch is important. I initially made the straps to hold in the sketch pad completely out of elastic, and that made the back of the folder collapse around the missing half inch. Then I tried fixing it by grabbing one of our actual (larger) cuttings boards and trimming it to fit the back exactly, which kind of worked, except the elastic was still too tight and made the back cover bow inwards. But the elastic was already sewn into a bajillion seams (or maybe three) that I didn’t want to unpick, so I finally fixed it by chopping off most of the elastic and sewing the bitty ends to some twill tape.
art folder, close up interior

There’s an attached pencil case, but I didn’t realize til too late that I ought to have also made those little elastic loopies in the spine to hold just one pencil. My niece liked having all the colored pencils in the pouch, but she mostly sketches with a pencil, so it would have been nice to make it easy for her to get to her pencil quickly.
art folder, inside

The spine on the outside is fake — I just sewed a brown strip in the middle of that one piece of exterior fabric. hehehe!
art folder, exterior
I think I need a new ironing cover — the dirty old thing made stains when I had the exterior fabric face-down to put on the interfacing! I’ll probably never get around to making one, though; last night, I just threw one of our baby towels on my ironing board to keep my fabric from getting stained. Lazysolved!

Apr 272012

… because the book itself certainly isn’t! ARGH.

I know it’s never fun to read other people ranting about books… but too bad! Muhahahaha!

A while ago, I read The Hunger Games, and it was so exciting that I couldn’t put it down. I ordered the next two books (all of the bookstores near my house closed down [WAH], and sometimes it takes me two weeks to find time to get to next nearest one, so now it’s actually faster for me to order books. boo.) and I got the hard cover versions because they were cheaper than the paperbacks I could find. I don’t like reading hardcovers with paper covers because I get all worried about keeping them nice, but they flop around all annoying and fragile-like, and it all just stresses me out and gets on my nerves.

So for fun (and to justify my latest oop Japanese craft book purchase), I made myself a book cover, and it makes me happy whenever I see it! Yay!

BUT. I’m reading Catching Fire now, and it is driving. me. crazy. It’s taking me forever to read because I keep shutting it in disgust. Disgust, I say!

Anyhoo, at least I get a little jolt of happy from the book cover before I read the story and feel like I want to throw the book down and have a tantrum. Oh, here’s the inside bit. :}

Edit: Like most of my projects, I made this totally on impulse (procrastinating on something else I was supposed to do), and so it’s made from my stash. 🙂