Oct 012015

A little while ago, I was lucky enough to get to test Taylor Tailor‘s first pattern — the Desmond backpack!
Desmond backpack (in the tangerine tree)

Now, if you look at Taylor’s versions (and probably all of the other testers’), you’ll notice that theirs don’t look as much like demented monkeys as mine does. I’m missing the rectangle rings for the roll-top straps… I found out at the last minute that the ones I had were too big, and I couldn’t find the correct size locally in time for the testing deadline. Derp!
Desmond backpack (in the octopus tree)

I added the dark brown bottom accent because the two bolts of light and dark brown looked so nice next to each other in the store. This was mostly a matter of looking at the pattern piece and marking a line that was as high as possible without having to make the zippered pocket two-toned; my brain broke enough just having to make the slip pocket two colors. 😀
Desmond backpack - bottom accent

I couldn’t find matching dark brown webbing so I made the straps… which made me really irritated at myself when I was almost done and got out my too-large rectangle rings, because if I’d just checked the size first, I could have made the roll-top straps to fit. !!!

Can you see what an awesome shape the shoulder straps are? I’m pretty sure I made an undignified noise when I finished sewing them because they looked so great — totally due to the great pattern pieces and not any skill on my part.
Desmond backpack - back

I had a lot of fun making this backpack, especially because Taylor’s diagrams are so good. Seriously, SO GOOD. Also, the format of the backpack instructions make it super super super easy to notice when he’s talking about pattern pieces, which I love because I’m a huge instruction-skimmer. The pattern is incredibly professional-looking and I adore the version I got to sew up. Congratulations on your first pattern release, Taylor!
Desmond backpack (by the aloe)