Dec 272011

… but I was cramming right till the end! I bought Oh Fransson’s perfect zip bag pattern and made these from 5am to 10am on Friday morning after I’d been awake from 12am. I mention this because I made a ton of mistakes while I was sewing!

First, I couldn’t quite understand how I was supposed to make a 7 inch zipper work with an 8.5 inch wide piece of fabric. Even with half inch seams, that leaves a quarter inch gap on each side, right? I had already cut down my zippers and sewn on the fabric ends by the time I was having trouble, so I took the ends off and sewed them back on with space on the ends to make them longer.

Also, since I like to chain piece, while I was putting together the zippers, I also sewed together the lining pieces, even though (when I’m awake I know that) I’m not supposed to do that when the bag has a zipper. Doh!

I used Hometown and an Alexander Henry print for the interiors. Two of these were for secret Santa presents, but when we were doing our gift exchange on Christmas evening, I felt guilty that I hadn’t made one for my aunty who always gives me tons of stuff. This week I’m planning to make more for guilt presents. :}

The thing(s) I was working on from 12am to 5am was this: stay-put kitchen towels x 6. I like them, but they were soooo boring to sew!

These were also part of my secret Santa presents. My mom liked hers since Cosmo’s always pulling towels off the racks, but I’m not sure how the other recipients felt. My aunty thought it was a strange apron at first, and tried to tie it around her neck!

In other news, I received an order that I’d made at Joann’s when they had their free-shipping-with-no-minimum-purchase special. I only ordered a bias tape maker and a stamp, and this is how it came!

How were your Christmases? Did you get something awesome? Shh… don’t tell, but my favorite present was my dad’s used pair of cooking chopsticks! They’re the perfect weight and length, and I loved cooking with them whenever I used them at my parents’ house, and now they’re mine! It was so cute — my mom wrapped them in a cut-up Cheerios box, and she wrote on the tissue paper, “Chang family heirloom.” 😀

  5 Responses to “I actually did finish these before Christmas…”

  1. Hee hee, can’t believe you were still sewing at that point (says she, smug in the knowledge that she was done at 11 pm on the 24th 😉 ) Love your gift though, there’s a few things I’d like to smuggle out of mum and dad’s… oh, now there’s a thought, they’re in bed now, and we’re leaving tomorrow morning, what won’t thy notice missing in that time… 😀

  2. Your pouches look great! I cannot believe you can still function after being awake so long! I’m certain I would have sewn through my finger or something. Totally fun that you got your dad’s chopsticks, I love getting special little things like that, too!

  3. LOL! Family heirloom! Thats awesome. The pouches look great, sorry they gave you a hard time, i think its the stress and running out of time. Hope you enjoyed time with family 🙂

  4. The pouches cameout great considering your insane sewing hours! I love that you got a family heirloom that you are actually going to use :), too cute!

  5. You are dedicated! I resigned myself to skipping the 11th hour sewing and just going straight to the tardy guilt sewing.

    We need to set up a swap because I just love all the bags you make!

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