Dec 212011

This week, I realized we needed a present for my friend’s ten-year-old daughter since she’s visiting from Japan. When I was thinking about what to make for her, I decided that I also wanted to make her another dresden pillow so that my friend can give it to her since he misses her so much.

Sorry if this is cheesy! It’s the kind of cheese I like, though. 😀

(Hm, looking at it again, I wonder if I should have put that exclamation mark. Dither, dither, dither…)

I heard that her favorite colors might be pink and purple; hopefully she likes this! Mr. Yazoo wanted me to put her name on the pillow somewhere so it would be more personal, so I stamped “for [her name]” on the back, under the flap. I don’t like to put kids’ names in really visible places in case there are suspicious people lurking about. >_< Oh! Can I just say that I love my local Fabric Mart? The last pillow I made, I had to get the form from a different store that was open at 8:30 pm (Fabric Mart closes at 6 pm), and that pillow form was flat, yucky, and $8 for a 12×12 inch one. This pillow form is nice and fluffy, and only cost $5 for a 16×16 inch one! Harrumph, other store. Here’s our actual present: a buttercup bag made from Made by Rae’s free pattern. I found out about it reading Kati’s blog, and it really is the perfect size for a little girl!

Uh, you might notice that my wall looks kind of pink. I was messing with the picture in gimp, trying to make the bag fabric come out the right color. It’s close, but now the wall looks funny. :]

  5 Responses to “Stuff got added to my Christmas to-do list!”

  1. Ooh, the cushion looks fab, I’m sure she’ll love it, and that bag is very cute too! I get my cushion forms at Ikea, but I have a sneaking suspicion the Swedish giants may not have embraced Hawaii yet!

  2. This is so sweet of you! She is going to love it, this post got me so emotional 🙂 i like it with the exclamation mark! She is young, why not?! 🙂 happy holidays.

  3. Excellent pillow! I love that background fabric, too! And little purses like that kind of make me wish we had a girl. So cute!

  4. wow wow wow these are such nice gifts, Alli! I love that you added the message and no, it’s not cheesy 😉

  5. The pillow is so sweet… I like the personalized message. And your fabric choices are lovely.

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