Dec 072011

This past weekend, we were invited to Mr. Yazoo’s sister’s friend’s son’s first birthday party. :> I’ve been feeling a bit of a pinch since I went kind of crazy with the after-Thanksgiving sales, so I made a superfast quilt (two days!) to go along with a little bit of money for our present.

It’s 40″x50″ because that was the size batting I had left over from my tree pants. I also used more of the same flannel as my dad’s quilt and I pin basted (as opposed to spray basting), so I felt very thrifty. Maybe I should be embarrassed that I’m so thrilled about saving money on a present…

Since the quilt was so simple, I tried to spruce it up a little with more stamping.

I was in a rush, so I machine bound the quilt. It was my first time! I used Crazy Mom Quilts’s terrific method of attaching the binding to the back, first. This way, the front looked tidy and the back wasn’t too bad!

Please excuse my tasteless glee over saving money — I do have a point! :} I was super happy because, using yazoomath, I saved us $60 by making this quilt. Then right after I finished it, I found out about a fantastic sale at Drygoods Design and spent over half of that! >_< But how could I not? It's 40% off your fabric order $40+ with code HOLIDAY40 (through 12/14) PLUS free shipping! Please to enjoy. 🙂

  6 Responses to “Baby quilt, supahfast!”

  1. that’s so cute!!!! again with the stamping!

  2. Supahfast indeed!! It looks great. What a lovely gift. And there is NO shame in being thrifty. I do it all the time. I think actually that’s it’s something to be proud of! Love the stamping.

  3. Adorable quilt! The stamping is a nice personal touch.

    I’m going to have to pretend I didn’t see the discount code for Drygoods Design, or I will be tempted to buy more fabric!

  4. Very cute, quilt, Alli! I love being thrifty so you’ll get no shame from me!

  5. Heh, bargain quilt 😀

  6. Suphah Fast, suphah cute! Once again, love the stamping 🙂 Embrace the thriftiness, I’d rather someone spent time and thoughtfulness than money any time!

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