Nov 302011

In Progress

Drunkards’ Path
I’ve almost finished quilting it. I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to do, and I ended up quilting circles starting from the green one. Since I don’t like warming up, my fmq on the inside circles is pretty bad, and then it gets a little better on the outer ones. I’m hoping it’ll look okay once it goes through the wash!

The backing doesn’t match at all, I know, but I keep buying flannel when it’s on sale and I have to use it up. >_<

Thanksgiving bapron

Bee blocks

Circle keychain coin purses
I finished up the keychain pouches for my friends’ Christmas presents earlier this week (except for buying more keychain ring thingies). I had initially planned to top-stitch around by hand since they were so thick that they wouldn’t fit under my sewing machine foot, but I eventually decided not to. I could just see myself getting really agitated about my crooked stitching (so many layers!) and ripping them out in the end. Heh!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

  2 Responses to “WIP Wednesday: November 30”

  1. I love the quilting! It looks great from here. 🙂 The Thanksgiving apron is absolutely adorable too. I would totally be annoyed with the crooked stitching and tearing them all out too, lol. Great work!

  2. Och, sure, the quilt looks fab, and who looks at the front and back together? 😉 Good job on the other finishes too

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