Nov 212011

I finally finished the bustle backpacks for my little cousins’ Christmas presents. Yay!

I used this adorable tutorial from Me Sew Crazy. For the pink one, I tried to copy the way Me Sew Crazy laid out the circles, and then since it was kind of easy to see the empty spaces, I attached about twenty more circles on the purple one. I’m not sure you can really see a difference, but the purple one certainly is heavier!

The things I really liked about making these backpacks was that I got comfy with my buttonhole foot and my super cool rotary circle cutter. I read someone mentioning that they pushed the end by the pivot (as opposed to the handle by the blade), and that made it so much easier to cut circles!

Now I have to think about how I’m going to wrap these… if I have time, I might sew some bags to hold these backpacks (heh), or since my sister usually wraps our joint presents, I might leave it up to her (double heh).

  4 Responses to “Bustle Backpacks”

  1. those are so frilly and cute! my niece would go crazy for one of those.

  2. So cute! And so fancy! Perfect for a little girl.

  3. Hey, if you made all that, it’s definitely up to your sister to wrap lol

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