Nov 072011

After being late finishing my October block, I decided that Saturday nights will be my bee-block-making night. We’ll see how long that lasts, heh.

Anyhoo, I finished my November blocks for Corinne. She asked for scrappy charm stars or wonky square-in-squares, and I chose to do the stars. I hope this is scrappy enough — I liked the zig zags a lot, and many of the strips were widths that would have needed to be pieced two or three times to get 5″ squares. Plus, I don’t think I’m skilled enough to make really scrappy scrappy charms look good. :}

Corinne also asked for a signature block, so I took the opportunity to try out Handmade by Alissa‘s super cool October modern block of the month. For some reason, my block makes me think of the 70s… maybe it’s the ovals next to the retro guitars?

I finally made myself a scissors case, yay! When I needed to take it out with me, I had been carrying it around in a tupperware, and last week I noticed that my scissors had poked a bunch of holes in the corners. >_< I made this using scraps from cutting charms for Gen X Quilters’ Japanese Import Swap 2. It would have been really fast, except that I was thinking at first that I wanted to use the hippo selvedge for the loop, and that I should serge the raw edge. I spent an hour playing with my serger, and at the end remembered that I had really cute ribbon that I could use instead. Hah! At least now I know how to thread my serger the not-cheating way, and I know how to make a rolled hem. 😀

I got this lovely bundle in the mail this week (although the cute puppies didn’t come tumbling out of the box, shucks) from Sis Boom. So pretty! Thanks, Madeline!

  3 Responses to “Weekend Summary: Bee Blocks, Scissors Case, Sis Boom!”

  1. Your bee blocks look great! Groovy signature block. And very fun scissors case, too! You got a lot done this weekend!

  2. Fab blocks! I’ve done the first one – because I got a butterfly, I thought, according to the rules, that it needed to be in the middle, and it totally wouldn’t have worked in the star unfortunately, so I’m going to try and miniaturise the star for the siggy block instead. That’ll take thinking though, and that’ll take a while ;o)

  3. Great bee blocks- especially like the siggy block. Congrats on your prize!

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