Oct 032011

I ordered two metal purse frames on a whim a while back, and I finally tried using one to make my sister a coin purse!

I looked at both U-Handbag’s and I Like Orange Too’s tutorials. I wanted to show all of the cute little girl and her horses, which is why the coin purse turned out such a funny shape… I guess I should have bought a bigger size frame. 😀

I’m glad that I had a sew-in frame because, as you can see, I made my pattern a little too big, so I had to gather up the top as I was sewing it in to make it fit. Even though it came out a little a lot crooked, I’m hoping it’s okay… maybe this way it’s pretty easy to get stuff in and out of the bag! It took me an hour to sew the bag to the frame. >_<
For once, I had an easy time choosing a lining fabric. The orange on the Far Far Away III fabric sure jumps out at you!

The other purse frame I bought has frames for two pockets…! Eep.
{Sew} Modern Monday at Canoe Ridge Creations

  2 Responses to “Metal purse, first try!”

  1. Cute! I have a frame, but have yet to tackle it… I’m thinking of creeping up on it sideways and surprising it ;o)

  2. Just found you via WIP wednesday…this purse is just tooooooo cute. Spot on with your lining choice (no pun intended!)

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