Aug 062018

For the last of the preschool teacher quilts, I made the Star Gazer quilt with an extra column and row. The pattern makes a 41.5″ x 51.5″ quilt, and the extra column and row brought it out to 46″ x 56″. That’s still kind of smaller than I’d usually choose for a grownup, but on the bright side, I had exactly enough Rhoda Ruth fabric left over from a previous quilt to make this one!

It took me a block or three to remember again that for this kind of block, I needed to use full 1/4″ seam allowances, instead of scant ones. One day it’ll sink in!

This was the first quilt that I spray basted using Jacquie Gering‘s method of spraying the top and back, and then putting the sandwich together on my design wall. I liked this method, but my design wall isn’t really big enough to fit larger quilts. Also, my friend lent me her spray bottle trigger grippy thing (Rustoleum spray grip), which I loved. In the past, the finger I used on the basting spray trigger would get really sore and covered in glue, but not this time! (Actually, my fingers did get covered in glue and fuzz, but that was from putting together the quilt sandwich and that’s not the spray can’s fault.)

As part of my lazy catching-up-from-not-posting-for-almost-two-years, this is the Allie Owl quilt I made last February from the original bundle of Rhoda Ruth.

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