Jul 042018

I have a quilt to finish and a bunch of clothes that I want to make… so I stayed up late to make myself a new small Maker’s Tote! I made the large size a few months ago, but I thought it was too big. Right now, it’s sitting, unloved, in my office, with way not enough yarn inside. Here’s a picture of it with a little kid for reference.

And here’s the cute, smaller size with a larger kid for reference. Hah! So unhelpful.

The instructions are really good and a zillion people have made this tote, so I don’t have much to say. Oh! Except, if you’re using a cute print for the lining and you want to fussy cut something above the zipper, the part of the print you want to see should be placed in the strip between 0.5″ and 1.75″ from the top. The zipper will cover the area between 1.75″ and 2.5″ from the top.

I realized this too late.

I was happy to be able to use my new rivet press (Thanks, Amber, for the lesson!) to attach my handles. I put them on the inside because I didn’t want to cover up the cute print. (Thanks, Nancy!)

The webbing for the handles are from someone’s belt that wasn’t going to get used. I covered the ends with scraps of leather — the webbing is super thick and I didn’t think I’d be able to sew through a double layer of it.

I forgot to measure my handles (I just cut the belt in half), and they luckily turned out just the right size for me to be able to put the tote over my shoulder. That’s great because one of the things I didn’t enjoy about my larger Maker’s tote was that the handles were so short that I had to carry it on my arm.

The pin is from Noristudio. Nori Studio? Anyway, I love it! Guinea pigs are adorable!

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  1. How cute! They look so lovely. I love both bags with the rivets

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