Nov 112011

I won Emmmy Lizzzy’s giveaway for Made by Rae‘s Showoff Bag Pattern… and now I’m showing it off! Hurk hurk. 😀

The pattern is great: the instructions are easy to follow and the tips sprinkled throughout are really helpful. I was impressed at how each piece used up almost all of the yardage that was called for with very little waste. It was a good thing that I had full yards of my exterior and interior fabrics, though, since they’re directional. The exterior fabric is from Superbuzzy; I love the little squirrel and hedgehog having tea!

I added an interior zipper pocket by following U-Handbag’s great tutorial and widened the recommended regular pocket so that I could split it in two. Yay for pockets!

My topstitching leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s okay since this bag is for me. Heh, heh.

Thanks, Emmmy Lizzy and Rae, for giving me such a fun pattern to play with!

  5 Responses to “Showoff!”

  1. Oh cool, love those fabrics, it looks fab!

  2. Supercool bag! Love the fabrics and I don’t see anything wrong with the top stitching! Excellent job on the pockets, too. Can’t have too many of those!

  3. LOVE the bag! You always have the greatest fabric combos in your projects.

    Congrats on winning another giveaway- you’re the luckiest person I know!

  4. I have this pattern on my wishlist. You might have just encourage me to get it.
    I love your fabrics choice…the bag is so adorable and I think the stitches look great. 🙂

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