Sep 262011

… Actually, they’re supposed to be tufted titmouse potholders for my friend who worked with those at a wildlife rescue, but since I totally ripped off poor Froth and Bubble’s fantastic mini quilt, I’m the mockingbird. Aheh.

The one on the left is really messed up — the square ended up funny to begin with, and then I tried to FMQ raindrops, but the potholder sandwich was thicker than I had adjusted my foot for, plus I didn’t baste anything, so the layers shifted all over the place. I’m still going to give it to my friend, though; I figure it’s always nice to have potholders for messy jobs. 😀

I think this is my first Christmas present done. Woot!

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  2 Responses to “Mockingbird Potholders”

  1. Those are adorable!

  2. These are too cute!
    Thanks for linking up to the blogger’s dinner party!

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