Sep 172015

I’m posting over at imagine gnats today about the Vogue Ralph Rucci top (V1437) I made recently with Rachael’s awesome rayon challis!
ralph rucci top vogue v1437

I made a wearable muslin beforehand using cheapie stuff from Fabric Mart, and this is just the straight size 6 with no alterations. The upper back was quite tight, which made it hard for me to reach forward. Fortunately, I had planned to wear this at work, and I don’t move around much there! 😀
blue Ralph Rucci top vogue v1437

Even though I feel a little impatient while I’m making practice garments (since I don’t bother with proper muslins, hah), it sure is nice ending up with two wearable items instead of just one!
blue Ralph Rucci top voge v1437

  One Response to “Ralph Rucci top, Vogue 1437”

  1. Lovely tops! The red checkered one is so cute for weekends- the ability to move comfortably is over-rated anyway, lol.

    I am going to dip a toe into the garment-sewing-for-self pool next week with a very simple diy pattern. Pretty much just cutting the bottom off of a tank top and sewing a rectangle to it to make a dress. I hope it’s as easy as it sounds!

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