Jun 172015

I changed my blog url just slightly today — from morepleasethankyou.com/byazoo to just morepleasethankyou.com. I thiiiiiiink everything’s okay, but if you notice anything weird, could you let me know? Thanks! 🙂 🙂 🙂

In other news, I finished my moooonths-long project of knitting monsters for my nephew’s birthday present! They’re all from Rebecca Danger’s 50 Yards of Fun. Seriously, I am such a slow knitter — I bought this book in March, and it’s taken me this long to make five of them.
50 yards of fun monsters

My favorite is the tiny peanut guy in the front — he’s such a cute shape! My kids liked them too, and I ended up making Cosmo a yak and Nikko a ninja in between the monsters, since they’d ask in sad little voices, “is this still for Georgie…?” hah!

I bought a Curious George lunchbox to send these in because my kids love packing toys into the one good metal lunchbox we have (it’s from when I was a kid, so it’s much sturdier than the newer ones we’ve gotten!) and taking it when we go out, like a little suitcase. I hope my nephew has fun with these!
lunchbox of monsters

  3 Responses to “Little monsters and just a little bizness”

  1. What a great present – five toys and a carrying case. I like the peanut guy too. And years ago (I have a son called George) some American friends brought a Curious George book as a present for us. At the time CG was not known over here, but I have noticed some classy bookshops stocking the books now. A great character that children can identify with.

  2. Love the little guys! They are so stinkin’ cute…how could your nephew not love them?

  3. OMG these are so cute! I purchased that book awhile back and loved it too! Everything is so cute, no!? So perfect for scrap yarn. What a lucky kid receiving all these monsters 🙂

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