Sep 172011

I made thingoos for Cosmo and Sunshine! I felt like making something quickly, so I used My Little Mochi’s cute pattern. I’m so slow at embroidery that the kitty and bunny still took up my whole night!

I put ribbons on their butts since Cosmo likes them, and that made the kitty look like a squirrel. Hi, squirrel!

When I gave the green squirrel to Sunshine and the blue bunny to Cosmo, Sunshine kind of waved it around and dropped it, and of course Cosmo wanted the “green bunny.” :>

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  1. […] other is for Dawnybear. This is not really germane, but my mom’s cute plant that was in the picture of my first set of bunnies was stolen (along with a bunch of other plants) on Christmas night! […]

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