May 282015

Today I’m posting over at imagine gnats about the two Pattern Runway kimono sleeve dresses I made out of fun fabric from her shop.
crepe de chine kimono sleeve dress

Usually I like posting b-side pictures-with-babies in these cases, but Glowbug was hunting for ladybugs and didn’t make it into many of them!
crepe de chine kimono sleeve dress

The rayon challis is so soft and drapey, and I’m a little sad that I think I ruined a little of the drapiness with the underlining and lining. It’s so much more respectable with lining, though (no flashy flash flash, hehehe). >_< elephant kimono sleeve dress

This kind of dress looks adorable on other people, but I’m still unsure about how flattering they are on me. I spent time making them, though, and the fabric is awesome, so I. will. wear them!
elephant kimono sleeve dress

  2 Responses to “Pattern Runway kimono sleeve dresses”

  1. Outstanding job!!!!! Very impressive. Love all the outfits you have been making lately.

  2. The dress is ADORABLE on you, very nice looking! Love both versions.

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