Sep 152011

Guess what I was playing with last night!

I’d been thinking about getting a serger and was planning to wait til I found a cheapie one on Craigslist, but the other week, Mr. Yazoo unearthed some birthday money I had forgotten about while he was cleaning the house. And so… Gracie Lou Freebush, pleased to meet you! I hope you can get along with Jayne Cobb (my sewing machine, obviously).

(I was thinking about it while driving to work today, and I don’t think Gracie would get along with Jayne if they met for reals.)

I actually had a lot of time to sew since the kids fell asleep on time (I think their theoretical bedtime is around 7:30, but we often don’t get around to making them go to sleep til 9), but I wasted it dithering. I spent a while trying to watch the instructional videos, which made me sleepy. Then I spent seriously at least an hour and a half trying to figure out the perfect quick project to make to celebrate Gracie Lou’s arrival, and finally at ten minutes til my bedtime I made the silliest little quick snack bag using akarol123’s youtube tutorial. I don’t even use these things!

But… I serged! I serged!

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  1. oh you’ll have to try my invisible zipper tutorial now that you have that baby!

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