Mar 252015

I needed a top to go with a skirt I made for something coming up next week, and I luckily just found out about Boostrap Fashion, so I poked around and found a simple drapey neck shirt that I thought would be perfect. And it pretty much was!
black shirt yar

At first, I sewed it right off the the pattern (since it was generated from my measurements!), but I found that it still had way too much room around the chest, plus the cap sleeves flared out so much that they gave me super linebacker shoulders. (It would have been nice if I’d taken a picture, shucks.) I took in an inch under the arms and 3/4″ along the side seams, and then I loved it! I also left off the bottom band because the shirt seemed long enough, and I hemmed everything normally instead. I still haven’t gotten around to buying a twin ballpoint needle, so I went around all of my hems twice to get the twin needle effect. 😀

Hm, I guess the shoulder seams tend to want to pull to the back since the back piece is smaller than the front, but I think that can’t be helped — otherwise there couldn’t be the drape in the front, right?
black shirt side shoulder seam

I know it’s kind of like (waving hands), OOH, I made a butt-easy shirt! — but I bet I’ll wear it every week to work for at least the next month. I’m happy because I like it and it’s so useful.

Now I’m excited to try more patterns from Bootstrap Fashion… I have to be careful because I’m tempted to get stuff that I’m almost positive won’t work for me, like this drapey front pocket thing tunic that I’m probably too short for and will make me look like Domokun with longer legs. Plus, I never wear tights (which seem like the bottoms you have to wear with this) since it’s always so hot here. But I want it! :>
black shirt tilty

Edit: I should include the actual name of the pattern in case of googling — Bootstrap Fashion Made To Measure Sewing Patterns – Cap-Sleeved V-Neck Blouse. 😀

  3 Responses to “Made a black t-shirt, OOOH.”

  1. Oh, your top is so cute on you! I can see why you are so happy with it. I love the cowl neckline, so very elegant 🙂

  2. Great shirt! I would be making one in every color and two each in the basics right about now. You have more self control than I have! Great style and so flattering on you. Getting top measurements right when sewing tops and dresses is so difficult, you did a great job adjusting.

  3. Yes! It is a great shape and looks amazing, even though it is quite simple. Good fit and just lovely. Yes to make a few more in some nice strong colours.

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