Feb 182015

I got to try out some lovely knits from imagine gnats, so I sewed two new things to wear to work. I’m really excited to make myself simple work clothes since I noticed that a bunch of my RTW collared shirts that I wear all the time are so worn out that the interfacing is peeking through collar points and hem edges. 😀
wine briar top

First, I made a Megan Nielsen Briar top out of wine-colored French terry. (SO COZY. Stealth pjs.) I’ve been wanting to get this pattern for a while, but I was nervous that I was being taken in by the pretty modeled pictures and how great it looks on Megan Nielsen herself. I suspected that it wouldn’t actually work on my body since it seems to look best on more hourglassy people… but I got it anyway because I am an incorrigible consumer. :>
wine briar side

I redrew the hem halfway between the cropped and full-length views — the cropped hem was way too high for me, and the full-length hem was practically a dress since I’m 5’2″-ish. The longer backside is perfect because I have a couple of slightly-too-snug, no-lining work pants that I can wear again, now that my butt will be covered. hehehe.
wine briar back

The pattern has instructions for two neck finishes: a bound neckline and a t-shirt style neckline. I did the bound neckline… the instructions don’t tell you to trim down the seam allowance, and even though I did do that for my wearable muslin, I didn’t trim the seam allowances on this version, and the neckline came out a little wonky. I do like the bound neckline since I think it looks a little less casual for work, but I don’t care enough about how I look at work to unpick this wonky neckband and redo it. :>
wine briar normal

One of the reasons I really wanted to get this pattern was the elbow-length sleeves, which is actually not marked on the pattern, but is available as a pattern modification tutorial. I love these! The next time I make a Briar top, I’m going to try making the shoulder seam shorter since I think the sleeve starts further out on the shoulder than I need. Oh! I treated myself to Joi Mahon’s Create the Perfect Fit, and I was excited to see that there’s a table of contents entry for that neck-to-shoulder adjustment, but when I went to that page, it was one of the only ones without alteration instructions! >_< It kind of referred to another page further into the book, but when I flipped there, I didn't see anything specifically for the shoulder, and my attention wandered off... wine briar hiding

The second thing I made was a Sewaholic Hollyburn with teal ponte. This was awesome — it was the first ponte I’ve used that didn’t pill almost at all after washing! (I could only see a verrrry slight texture when I looked at the fabric sideways in sunlight.)
teal hollyburn skirt

I loooove the Hollyburn skirt. This is actually the third one I’ve made (oops, haven’t gotten pictures of the others yet), because I love how it defines your waist and then flares out so your tummy has room to be normal-person-tummy-like. :> I had originally intended to make a comfy comfy elastic-waisted version, but I forgot to cut the waistband with stretch in mind and had to put in a zipper instead. I tried out my new tricot interfacing and interfaced the center back seam allowances in order to hopefully make sure the bottom end of the zipper wouldn’t stick out strangely, and I think it worked!
teal hollyburn back

Unfortunately, I didn’t interface the outer waistband since I thought I was going to put elastic in… I hope it doesn’t sag too much!
teal hollyburn goofy

Mr. Yazoo was so patient and helpful taking pictures for me — he kept retaking and retaking them when I complained about how I was making weird faces, and the first thing he said when we started on the Hollyburn pictures was, “suck in your gut!” hahahahahahahahahaha! (But really, that was super helpful because I totally would have made him retake even more pictures if he hadn’t. :D)
teal hollyburn silly

  7 Responses to “kniiiits!”

  1. you’re a rockstar!! I love them both 🙂

  2. That skirt is amazing! I’m not really a skirt/dress person all that often, but I would wear the heck out of that. Is it also really comfy? I can’t believe you sewed these up so fast too! You are a rockstar!

  3. I am so in love with both of these! I definitely need to get that skirt pattern for sure. Great job!!

  4. Looks like you’re well on your way to a handmade work wardrobe!

  5. Love that skirt… it wouldn’t have occurred to me to make Hollyburn in a knit, but it’s perfect!

    • Ps: did you size down Hollyburn when making it in knit? Or stick with the size you would have made in woven fabric? I migt copy your ponte Hollyburn.

      • Nope, I made the same size as my woven, but I did cut it shorter (size 6, but with a size 0 hemline) because when I made Tania culottes in ponte before, it ended up with a lower hemline than my woven versions. 🙂

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